Car rental for weddings

For every couple, their wedding is special. Are there many others in life
other occasions in life where the most precious and necessary people gather to celebrate with you? Or
we often take so much care of every detail, every little thing that might be
insanely significant? There’s a reason – after all, on such an important day you want to think
not about “will it come” and “was it really the right menu choice?” O
about your own love and joy. But by choosing trustworthy partners,
these worries will not arise. Under the care of a well-chosen wedding professional, you will
Hall decorations, flowers, music and, of course, car hire for your celebrations
and wedding.

Car rental for your celebration or wedding

The bride and groom are, of course, the main protagonists of the celebration
the culprits and the heart of the celebration. However, they are almost always accompanied by a large entourage
of guests, bridesmaids, bridesmaids and escorts who need to be taken care of,
escorted, driven away. Even if you don’t complain about your car (in fact
you adore it, but that’s a whole other topic), couples often want to make sure that everyone
all the highlights of the celebration fit perfectly – and so do the cars. Therefore, in addition to
of course, car rental becomes one of the
the most important thing when organising your own celebration.

Stress-free car rental for your wedding

Rented cars also significantly reduce the stress of the celebrations, both before and during the day itself. After all, it would be really embarrassing if, in the middle of the journey to the church or meeting point, one of the cars stopped and wouldn’t start – would the whole plan for the day be ruined, and would you be able to solve it? It should be borne in mind that luxury car rental companies pay a lot of attention to the maintenance of their cars – after all, it’s their investment and a guarantee of good reviews. So you can be sure that the vehicles you hire for your wedding day will be checked and pampered up to the last minute, and that any possible breakdowns will be the least of your worries.

Just like any other field – decorations or musicians – it’s about the cars
hiring cars for your wedding, you should start thinking well in advance. With this in mind
not only the companies offering these services, but also the car brands themselves
the variety of cars available, it is possible to get lost at first, not knowing how to match your needs
with what the market has to offer.

Luxury Car Rental for Weddings

Many brides and grooms are looking to experience true luxury and luxury on this special day
a sense of grandeur. They choose big, beautiful, expensive brands of cars,
that make you feel like royalty.

Minibus rental for weddings

But don’t forget the guests! When planning a car rental for your wedding, it is a good idea to review the guest list and think about more than one aspect. If there are elderly people in the entourage, it is worth considering whether they need certain, perhaps special, facilities: more legroom, a window to look out of, etc? Perhaps the brothers and bridesmaids would be most comfortable travelling together, so would a larger vehicle, say a minibus, be suitable? Please note that even little things like seating people who disagree with each other (which happens in almost every family) together also have an impact on the overall atmosphere of the celebration.

16-20 seater minibuses for wedding rentals

This whole plan will help you answer two important questions
Car rental for weddings: how many vehicles
how many vehicles to rent and what size should they be? After all, it is not necessary to have all the cars in the motorcade
vehicles in the motorcade are all the same – it is much more important for both yourself and your guests
to provide a feeling of perfect comfort and ease of travel.

Transport rental for weddings, no waiting

Although your celebration is the most precious and important to you – as it should be – don’t forget that there are thousands of these celebrations a year. The warm season in particular is generally the busiest time of year for wedding service companies. Popular, reputable car rental companies (as well as musicians, decorators and dress makers) do not necessarily have to find their own customers – sometimes customers queue up to get their services. We therefore recommend that you start looking into car rental for weddings in advance, without stressing yourself out, so that you can not only research the market, but also assess your own needs and capabilities.

Car rental for weddings Service to price ratio

It’s good practice to look at the weddings of friends or acquaintances to find out,
whose services they chose and why. Also online these days
it is easy to find reviews about a company. Most often people
don’t want to express their gratitude or admiration for the excellent service they received
companies. So decide what kind of value for money you want
and get searching!

Rent a car for a wedding

Fortunately, these days you don’t have to go anywhere to rent a car
home. Once you’ve chosen the option or options that are right for you, don’t be shy
to call a wedding car rental company
and find out every detail of what you’re looking for. Helpful, friendly
friendly staff should be another sign that you’ve hit the mark
the service provider you want to be with.

Car rental services

Let them describe the cars they have; listen patiently
your questions, answering each one in detail. A good car rental
company will not hesitate to ask for details about your guests or
your guests or your party plan – so they can better understand how best to fulfil
your needs. It’s a great sign if they can give you some options right away
options based on your available budget, the size of the trip and the number of guests
number of guests.

Online car booking for weddings and parties

Many companies also allow you to make reservations online. This is even
simplifies the whole process even more. However, as we mentioned earlier,
we recommend that you contact the service providers and find out all the details you need
details before making any reservation.

So car rental for weddings is a well-developed business nowadays – it seems like a no-brainer. Just select the advert and dial the phone number provided. But is every wedding car hire company equally reliable and, in the end, worth your time and money?

Car rental for weddings

We believe that, as in every field, there is no limit to what you can improve.
With this philosophy, we aim to do two things: ensure that
our wedding car hire services provide only the highest
and to earn the trust of our customers through our work. For us, renting a car for weddings is the way
contribute to the celebration of others, which we know will be one of the highlights for the couple
memories in a couple’s life.

Cheap car rental for weddings

Given the importance of the celebration, we are not willing to compromise on quality.
On the other hand, we don’t want wedding car hire to be
to only the wealthy who can afford a large budget for the celebration
people who are not in the budget for the wedding. First of all, we do not offer our services to people at any price, but rather
we provide advice first. By contacting us, clients can get all the details
information on car makes, their condition, mileage and
as well as a booking schedule. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately
to understand our customers’ needs and allow us to understand which vehicles
the most suitable vehicles for them.

We have been renting cars for many years.
During this time, we have not only learned to build a satisfied clientele,
but we have also learned to recognise and anticipate their expectations. We understand that at weddings
you want to be solemn, delicate and impressive – but this is not the area for which
where you want to spend the majority of your budget. That’s not what we’re after – we want
as many couples as possible can afford a spectacular wedding, and our rental
our rental cars are captured in more than one wedding photo.

Luxury car rental for weddings

Mercedes for weddings

Our rental cars are characterised by elegance and luxury: luxury Mercedes
S-class limousines, white Mercedes Sprinter minivans, stylish Range
Rover Sport and the powerful Mercedes G. Prioritising comfort and space
For those who prefer space and room, there’s the Mercedes GL.

Retro car rental for weddings and parties (Retro Cadillac Eldorado)

For a unique experience for yourself and your guests, we recommend Retro
Cadillac Eldorado. These are the vintage-style cars that embody the American dream
are the cars that grab your attention when you hit the street.

Minibus rental for weddings and celebrations

Minibuses, for example, are for larger companies. They have everything you could possibly need – air conditioning, heaters, a sound system and a comfortable and spacious cabin. Minibus rental offers all the conditions not only to reach your destination safely, but also to spend time socialising or getting to know each other better.

When you open the door of each car, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness
shiny, pleasantly scented interior. You will be greeted by our chauffeurs
– presentable, ready to help, professionals in their field. Long-standing
experience has trained them to respond to a wide range of situations, including,
Naturally, they occur even at weddings. They will take into account every
your every request, know the most suitable route and, of course, deliver you or your
your entourage at the perfect time.

Car decorations for your celebrations and weddings

In addition, renting a car for a wedding is not
just a vehicle – for an additional fee, we can also arrange their
decoration, tailored to your wishes and the theme of the event.

And whatever couples come up with – ribbons, bows, bows and bows,
elegant or playful styles. We coordinate all this with the bride and groom in advance,
taking into account their recommendations and preferences. We are pleased to know that
our decorated and beautified rental cars will be the perfect choice for more than one couple
beautiful photo album. Well, it’s a real joy for them to meet their
the ceremonial vehicles arriving to announce the arrival of their special
the start of their special day.

Car rental with driver

Having been in the chauffeur-driven car rental business for many years, we have learned to adapt to the planning and organisational habits of our customers. As you know, weddings and their details are planned well in advance – which is why we start booking at the beginning of each year. We always try to avoid surprises and unforeseen events, so we plan our schedules with the utmost care. Our customers can be sure that when they book their dream car, they will see it on the day that matters.

We are far from being new to this field.

Over the years, we have learned to recognise what our customers
most appealing to our customers. Our cars have been driven not only by well-known people in Lithuania, but also by
In Lithuania, we have been in the company of some of the world’s most famous companies, politicians and entertainers. Many of them
arrive with their own particular preferences or habits, which inexperienced
This can throw inexperienced drivers off their guard. But a growing customer base and
positive feedback shows that our professionalism is appreciated beyond

Cars on the wedding day

Every couple usually has their own scenario on their wedding day. If
the first part is usually more or less traditional – the wedding ceremony
in the church or at the Town Hall – the second part is planned by each couple in their own way.
Some decide to stay in the same city, while others prefer to change
The wedding guests can change the location, either alone, for a photo shoot, or with the whole entourage.

Car rental for your wedding in Vilnius, Kaunas and more

Our car hire and drivers are
ready for you. We often take wedding guests and brides and grooms on request to
the most picturesque places in Lithuania, such as castles and manor houses. In their spectacular
Many couples stay longer in their impressive surroundings. Here, in the solemn atmosphere of the
in the backdrop of architecture, you not only want to organise a variety of tradition-based wedding events
but also to pose for photographs that will undoubtedly be long
a lasting highlight of your celebration. Our drivers know a number of great
routes that they are ready to share and help you create a special
wedding atmosphere.

After a longer stop at one or another of your choice (or maybe ours too)
suggested) manor house, you will see that it is much more than just ancient
buildings. Almost every such complex is surrounded by
spectacular parks, former gardens or flower gardens. And then there are the hills
breathtaking views from the hills: plains, forests or lakes, the
panorama. Estates near rivers or lakes can offer a very special
The summer greenery intertwines with the deep blue of the water, which can
provide a spectacular backdrop for festively dressed guests and, of course,
the newlyweds.

Užutrakis manor for weddings

Among the most beautiful manors in Lithuania is Zyplių Manor, located in
Suvalkija. This 19th-century residence of the Potocki family has more than just an art gallery,
It also has a restaurant and, especially in the summer, hosts festivals and events.

Bistrampolis and other estates for celebrations and weddings

Bistrampolis Manor, located not far from
Panevėžys, offering not only a peaceful park but also a hotel.
For a more ancient ensemble that goes back further in time, we recommend
Visit Pakruojis Manor. And then there’s the Classical-style
Taujėnai, Užtrakio or Tiškevičiai Manor for weddings, which is unique for its
intricate ponds and plantation solutions, the Burbiškis Manor for weddings, located in a spectacular
Anykščiai Regional Park, or the legacy of Babtynas – Žemaitkiemis, where the
You can rent the entire palace for your celebration.

Manor house rental services for your celebrations and weddings

Many newlywed couples choose to hold not only a photo shoot here, but also
but also a reception for their guests. Most of these estates, especially in the warm season, have
all the services you need for a memorable celebration at your disposal
Palace halls, galleries, restaurants and even hotels in some places. While the newlyweds
are busy posing for professional photographs, your guests won’t be bored,
In addition to walks in the spectacular parks, many estates offer a variety of
activities such as archery and traditional games.

Most of these and other architectural gems are located away from the main
roads. This is natural – after all, historically they belonged to the wealthy
whose residences were surrounded by forests, gardens or farmland
fields. It would therefore be difficult to reach them without a private car. And if
weddings, it becomes the duty of the young to take care of their guests
for both them and the entourage is a matter of course.

Our car rental drivers

But you can rest assured when you choose our services. All you need is
choose the most picturesque location – our car rental specialists
drivers will take you straight to your desired destination, without any hassle, GPS off
or anything else that happens on the road. We’ve delivered dozens of newlyweds to their destinations
and hundreds of celebrants, they know the most popular and least visited
and how to get around potential obstacles along the way.

At the end of the day, the exhausted and, we hope, happy young people with
guests, will have nothing to worry about. The drivers will be ready for them at any time
to take you home or to the next place where the celebration may be waiting to continue. Obviously,
that the right car hire for weddings will save
you a lot of time and hassle, and allow you to enjoy the best of the celebration

Car rental for weddings is not just a business for us

So as already
you have understood, car rental for weddings for us
is not just a business. It’s a whole process, from booking to feedback.
It’s our way of bringing joy to countless couples who, we know, are excited and
expecting. We take it as a challenge that we take very seriously.

+370 (6)82 61111

Car rental for weddings in Vilnius

Professional car rental for weddings in Vilnius is the perfect opportunity to start your life’s journey to a happy future in style and luxury. Our company offers a wide selection of luxury cars to make your journey on this special day not only safe, but also extraordinary. When you choose our wedding car hire service, you will not only get quality transport, but also a personal chauffeur who will make sure that your journey is as pleasant and safe as possible. We focus on every detail to give you a great experience and make your special day extra special. Our cars are beautiful, luxurious and roadworthy. The latest models, balanced comfort and elegant design will give you a special feeling on your wedding day. We understand that weddings are special and unique occasions, and we make every effort to ensure that your transportation needs are fully met. Choose from our selection of vehicles that will reflect your style on this special day with luxury and elegance. We are here to help you start this phase of your life with exceptional charm and comfort.

Car rental for weddings price
Our wedding car hire price is very flexible and depends on several important factors to meet all your needs and expectations. The price is negotiated on a case-by-case basis, based on the following important aspects: route chosen: the price may vary depending on the number of kilometres to be driven. Longer routes may increase the overall price. Number of city hours: the price may also be influenced by the number of hours you wish to use the car in Vilnius or another city. Each additional number of hours can affect the final price. Choice of model: each car has its own rental price, depending on the model, its luxury and other features. There are a variety of luxury cars to choose from to suit your tastes. We aim to ensure that our customers receive a tailor-made offer that meets their preferences. Therefore, to get an accurate quote, we invite you to contact us and share the details of your planned wedding day so that we can create a quote that meets your needs.

What influences the car rental rate in Vilnius?

Age of the vehicle. The more recent the 12 months you need to rent a car, the better the price you can pay by day. In Vilnius, we rent cars no older than 2016.

Riding kilometres. you can travel 500 km per day with the rental boats. this is a problem for the total day of travel. If you are visiting Croatia for 14 days, you can travel about 5000 km. the total for one day is ready for 360 km, so you may not want to pay extra.

Seasonality. Coach hire depends on the time of the 12 months you will be travelling. You can expect to see a reduction in prices by hiring a microchip in autumn or spring. In summer and winter, the demand for car hire is much better as it is miles away from the main holiday time. During the summer season, cars are taken on excursions to international destinations such as Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, etc. For winter holidays, shipping is rented for snowboarding.

Car rental with deposit. car rental with deposit is available. you can buy additional franchise insurance. In this case, even in the event of an accident, no franchise fee will be payable. the additional insurance costs will be between five and eight euros per day. A widespread car rental franchise without additional insurance is two hundred Euros.

When renting a car, you must quote the service provider’s contract and the delivery-return certificate. The contract will cover each event and the exact rental phrase.

Can I rent a car without a deposit in Vilnius?

The deposit for the renter of the car is considered a guarantee. If the car is damaged, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit (franchise) is two hundred Euros.

However, it may be possible to rent a car without a deposit in Vilnius. In this situation, even in the event of overlap, the franchise may be paid by the insurance organization. additional charges of 5-8 Eur / day.

Passenger cars for rent in Vilnius

Passenger cars – minivans used to transport people. They can have 4 or 9 seats. Now and again, eight + 1 seats are indicated for the number of passengers. Nine-seater cars are rented for basic trips to Europe, Lithuania and the Baltic countries. there are also holiday parties for girls and visitors. There are 2 seats in the front for passengers and one for the driver. two rows of three seats for different passengers have been installed immediately behind.

Car rental is usually chosen to help people who want to travel in larger organisations. Or people who want to experience a greater number of things than they can in a car.

The great benefit of a car (8 + 1) is that it is viable to force it with a B license. The number of drivers is not always limited. If you are travelling with an organisation of mates, you can drive in turns. For those who are not able, we suggest hiring a car with motive power. the driver will accompany you throughout the experience. whether it is a day trip to the ocean or a tour of the capitals of the European countries for a month. this is especially important for those who need a clean trip.

The Minivan powered condominium is particularly desirable for events, non-public celebrations and team travel. All drivers are reliable, tested and ready to deal with problems in advance.The car drivers have a very good driving record that goes back more than five years. the driving force is responsible for road user offences or injuries. The bus tenant no longer has any monetary responsibility. the car drivers speak English or Russian. well, at least it is a trick. The journey driver will help you choose a high quality road on your journey. as well as pay street taxes, call for help in case of breakdown and extra. Do you have to start your holiday from the first day of the tour? We offer you to rent a car with driver!

Who wants a car in Vilnius?

when travelling to

Lithuania Lithuania has been growing rapidly in popularity in recent years. In our united countries there are many places to see. Car rental is a wonderful answer for such trips, weekends, holidays, long weekends or quick vacations. You can visit a larger group of friends or several households. One propulsion is enough and it can become every body with a class B propulsion. After a hard week’s work, tired citizens often choose this way of resting.

Travelling abroad

When travelling abroad, a car is one of the most affordable and convenient options. Such trips usually last about 10-14 days, so it is very useful to rent a car at absolutely attractive prices. For a whole group, the cost per apartment is only €5-6/day. once you reach your destination, you don’t want to hire additional transport or pay for taxi services. All gadgets can be reached via manoeuvre transport. parking fees are very much as a means of transport. The spacious bag compartment allows you to purchase all the items you want on your journey.

Popular travel routes in summer:

Vilnius – Dubrovnik;

Vilnius – Venice;

Vilnius-Vienna; Vilnius-Venice; Vilnius-Venice-Vienna; Vilnius-Vienna;

The most popular winter weather travel routes:

Vilnius – Austrian Ski Homes;

Vilnius – Italian ski chalets;

Vilnius – Swiss ski resorts.


Wedding celebration Wedding celebration. Newlyweds don’t often export cars, but this is an incredible way for visitors to go on a nature or birthday celebration. Usually a larger, 19-seater car is provided for the wedding. Not simply is that it is a fairly expensive way for visitors to move, it also creates a festive ecosystem as all visitors spend time together. often the experience includes short trips or more interesting video games.

Celebrating Calvius

Celebrating Calvius. the car drives through the sea, a chosen leisure destination or even crosses the Lithuanian border. night celebrations are really stormy, so we try to minimize the variety of drivers. the car can carry up to 9 people, and the most efficient propulsion. if you don’t have a driver, we offer you to rent a car with a propulsion. this will ensure that all destinations are reached in a competent and timely manner.


A girl who celebrates a friend. Women celebrate strictly too, so a chauffeur-driven trip is simply vital for them. isn’t it best to experience your buddy’s experience at the same time as you’re driving a true professional? In the evening, the sun can be escorted to Klaipėda, Palanga, Gdansk or wherever your heart desires!

Going to a festival or meeting

. The blessings of a car going to a festival are very similar to bachelor/bachelorette birthday parties. despite the fact that there are still a lot of big pluses. The main one is that you can choose a lot of gadgets. Without a doubt, it will form all the tents, bags and different attributes needed for the competition. the second is that some of the passengers can live inside the car. every company has those who don’t need to sleep in a tent.

Car rental in Vilnius

In Vilnius: Old Town, Zirmūnai, Karolinishokai, Naujamiestis, Šnipiškės, Jaruzale, Vilkpėdė, Naujininkai, Shešfamily members, Perkūnkiemis, Lazdynai, Fabijonišokės, Verkiai, Antakalnis, Žvėrynas, Paneriai, Naujasis Vilnius, Visori, Justinišokės, Baltupiai, Pashilaičiai. , Viršuliškės, Pilaitė, Saulėtekis. We will deliver your ordered car to your preferred community in Vilnius at the agreed time. If the car is delivered within the Vilnius metropolitan area and from outside the city of Vilnius, an additional charge will apply.

car rental

The car co-op is one of the greatest popular delivery rental offers. it’s miles a very alarmingly cheap and convenient way to travel, deliver visitors, or perhaps bring a complicated conveyance. for that reason, renting this delivery can help many existence situations. car rental doesn’t have to take care of your shipping, insurance or additional device. Rental cars are always in good working order. If you need, you get civil protection, casino coverage, roadside assistance or even motive power. Higher costs for the rental force, but in some cases they are unavoidable.

that car rental is one of the cheapest ways to travel. It is becoming the main preference for transporting passengers or freight.

What influences car rental prices?

The rental period. For longer periods of time, a rental delivery can be cheaper at a single daily fee. clearly, you can get discounts when buying in large quantities. in this way, the renter and the lessor also win. when booking a coach for a period longer than one month, the daily flat fee can be as low as 30 euro/day. the maximum daily fee is sixty-five euro/day.

Miles travelled. 500 km/day can be made with hired transport. This is not always difficult for every day! Care should be taken not to exceed a total of 500 km/day on all travel days. Additional 100 km charges of 10 €.

Example. a trip lasts 14 days and you will get 5000 km. the average for one day is about 360 km, so you may not need to pay more.

Seasonality. Coach hire depends on the 12-month period you will be travelling. You can anticipate lower charges by hiring a minibus in autumn or spring. Minibus accommodation needs are at their peak throughout the summer and in the winter as this is the main holiday period. During the summer season, cars go to warm international destinations such as Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, etc. For the winter holidays, delivery is employed for downhill skiing. top destinations: Austria, Italy, Switzerland.

Can I rent a car with a deposit?

The deposit for the renter of the car is considered as a guarantee. In case of damage to the car, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit (franchise) is two hundred Euros.

In fact, it is possible to rent a car without a deposit. You can purchase additional franchise coverage. In this situation, even after the end of the fortune, the franchise can be paid by covering the company. additional coverage fees of five to eight euros per day.

What is a covered car rental?

A car that is decided on the basis of length. All our buses are new, i.e. more than 4 years old. All of them have legal inspection documents. they are regularly checked by an authorised car transporter. You will constantly receive your truck with a full tank of petrol and easy. We hope that you will return the car in the circumstance that we gave you. The return of the unfinished car will be calculated on the basis of the correct flat premium. With a rented chip you can force up to 500 km per day. This is not always the rule for every day, but the total mileage must not exceed 500 km * apartment days.

third birthday party liability coverage. This insurance is compulsory for all engines registered in Lithuania. So our cars are no exception.

Casco insurance is an additional coverage. it will help you experience safe, not the most effective on the street, but at the same time when you drive your car in an unfamiliar u.s.a .. Microbes are insured against minor scratches, injuries, broken windows or even robbery. in the event of these injuries, an excess should be paid. it’s presently worth two hundred Euros. In maximum cases, this is actually a smaller amount than the damage caused to the car

If your car breaks down at some stage of the journey, roadside assistance is ready to help. This service is valid throughout the EU.

What is not always stored in the car at home?

Franchise insurance. if you don’t have to threaten to pay the cost of the franchise after your experience, you can get it insured in advance. Our partners will deal with this issue. additional franchise insurance costs around €3. If you are travelling with a large company, this price will not significantly increase your travel costs.

For additional needs, please let us know at the time of booking or while still viable. We can reserve the right equipment for your trip in advance.

consequences for road traffic offences. road traffic offences are charged according to the propulsion of the vehicle. Registered fines from all over the European Union reach the car owner. they can be immediately passed on to the microprocessor renter.

street charges. In maximum international ECU locations you have to pay for the use of the street. these are not high charges. usually, the street charge per country is limited to 10-15 euro. if you do not pay these charges now and do not use the roads, you may be liable to additional fines on your return to Lithuania.

overlap insurance. a lot can happen on a long drive. We share your view that the experience would include injury. This rental car insurance is not always completed.

Optional facility and its charges

blessing of dormitory parking

Cars are four-wheeled vehicles designed to carry passengers or goods. The name of the car itself says that it is a small bus. Buses are divided into two classes according to their purpose: passenger vans and freight vans. quality options are:


Small vans are almost the same as cars. not all of them can handle cars uselessly.


Barely longer, but similar width to a car. So they can be convenient to manoeuvre on thin streets and parking spaces.


Passenger trucks can carry almost twice as many passengers as a vehicle. Cargo vans can carry up to ten times the load of a passenger car.

petrol prices

A complete benefit of cars is low fuel consumption. Rental cars are up to 4 years old and their petrol consumption is similar to that of a car. The target is just 6-7 l/100 km.

Advantages of renting

Passenger carsPassenger cars are designed to transport people. They can have 9 or 19 seats. If it is still widely stated that a chip has 9 seats, it has space for 8 passengers and propulsion. sometimes 8 + 1 seats are used to denote the number of passengers. 9-seater cars are usually rented for trips to Europe, Lithuania and the Baltic countries. there may also be a party for women and visitors. There are 2 passenger seats in the front and one drive. at one time two rows of 3 seats were prepared in the rear for different passengers.

Car rental is usually chosen over those who have to travel in larger companies. Or individuals who need to transfer a larger amount than can be contained in the vehicle.

The huge profit of a car (eight + 1) is that it is possible to squeeze it in a B license. In case you are travelling with a buddy agency, you can change. For those who can’t make it work, we give you the opportunity to rent a car with a powertrain. the powertrain will accompany you throughout the journey. Whether it’s a day trip to the sea or a monthly trip to the capital of ECU. This is especially important for those who want a light adventure.

Car rental with motive power is essential for activity durations, private holidays, crew trips. All drivers are reliable and have been pre-screened and adapted to these challenges. the car drivers have an excellent driving record of over 5 years. the driver is responsible for any breach of traffic rules or accidents. Now the bus tenant has no economic obligations. the car drivers speak English or Russian. well, at least it’s a trick. The trip’s driving force will help you choose a great road for your experience. also pay street taxes, call for help on the street in case of breakdown and much more. Do you need to start your holiday on the first day of your holiday? We offer car rental with driver!


When do you need a rental car?

When visiting Lithuania.

Travelling in Lithuania has been gaining recognition for many years. there are many places to see. A car is a great solution because you can travel with a larger business group. One driver is enough to finish all the people with a B licence.

For those going on a tour abroad.

For holidays abroad, a car is one of the most inexpensive and greatest amenities. Such trips usually last about 10-14 days. For one of these lengths, it is possible to rent a microchip at a completely attractive fee. When travelling with a full crew, the apartment fee corresponding to a man or woman is most effective at €5-6/day. Now you don’t need more transport or taxi offers to reach your destination. All items can be reached by shipment boats. parking costs as good as a good car. The spacious luggage compartment allows you to transport all your possessions.

To celebrate a wedding.

Newlyweds often don’t take car insurance. For party guests, it is an incredible way to visit nature or party with young groups. For weddings, a larger, 19-seater car is usually provided. Often, throughout the experience, there are short journeys or additional funny video games.

Celebrating Calvi.

It is a very good idea to take a car trip to the ocean or to an entertainment venue of your choice. As we acknowledge, bachelor parties are celebrated in a really raucous style. The organisers usually try to keep the number of drivers down. up to 9 people can go with the car and the simplest driver. If you don’t have a drive, we suggest renting a car with a drive. it will make sure that all destinations are reached properly and on time.

Celebrating a hen’s birthday party.

Ladies celebrate at least as prominently as the boys, so it’s important for them too to travel with propulsion. Isn’t it always a laugh to have an adventure surrounded by palsies when you’re navigating through a true professional? At night, the sun can be escorted to Klaipėda, Palanga, Gdansk or anywhere in the heartland.

Going to a festival or conference.

The main one is that you can take an absolutely huge amount of gadgets with you. It really is suitable for all the tents, luggage and different attributes that one wants to compete. the second is that some of the passengers can live inside the car. There are people in every company who simply do not want to sleep in tents.

Car rental in Kaunas

Car rental in Kaunas is a completely flexible supplier that allows you to rent a car with and without motive power. In Kaunas you can rent cars of different sizes and with one type of function: from a 3-seater to a 9-seater passenger car.

Cars are very well known for the fact that you now do not want to worry about your personal transport, additional CASCO coverage or a rental driver. The 9-seater car can be driven by anyone with a category B licence. “The Minibus Condominium in Kaunas is the preferred choice for transporting festival members, going on a weekend trip to Lithuania with a circle of relatives, or perhaps visiting with friends around the ECU Union.

Seasonality. at some point of the most vibrant condo seasons the cost of car cabins in Kaunas is on excessive call.

Summer is the most energetic period from 06-01 to 09-01. during the summer season, many vacationers, as well as many non-public celebrations including weddings, anniversaries, and so on, will be in Kaunas. during the winter season, from 12-01 to 03-01, Kaunas bus rentals are cheaper. although busy, it’s a loud time for a trip. You’ll get lower charges for renting cars in autumn and spring, from 09-01 to 12-01 and from 03-01 to 06-01.

The longer you rent the car, the lower the fee you will pay with your dormitory day. The cost of a day’s rental is very high, as the car is rented for a weekend and two weeks.

Depending on the user’s preferences, the car apartment in Kaunas can be purchased with additional software. the following equipment is usually ordered: roof rack, roof rails, seats, chain wheels, bike racks, navigation machine. study more about the optional software and its costs.

Mileage. This is the minimum cost indicated in the table and can be activated up to 500 km per day.

The total number of kilometres driven is calculated for all rental days.

Can I rent a car without a deposit in Kaunas?

The deposit for the renter is considered a guarantee. If the car is damaged, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit (franchise) is EUR 200.

Actually, it is possible to rent a car with a deposit in Kaunas. You can purchase additional franchise coverage. In this example, even in the event of an accident, the franchise can be paid by the insurance company. additional insurance charges of €5-8/day.

What makes car rental services stand out?

The car is available for the entire rental period. The start of the rental is the first day of the rental and the rental fee is the day when the car is counted again (calculated on a daily basis).

CASCO coverage. All rental vans are covered by CASCO insurance. It protects renters from excessive surcharges in the event of a vehicle accident caused by the renter, as well as in case of vandalism or theft. In case of insurance, the renter pays an excess of two hundred Euros.

Help on the street. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, throughout the ECU, you will receive assistance in the event of loss of the car or other coincidence.

Small car transport in Kaunas.

What’s not always filled with car rental?

If you don’t want the risk of having to pay a franchise fee after your trip, you can get it covered earlier. Additional franchise insurance fees, round from 5 to 8 euros, correspond to the day. when travelling with a large bunch of buddies, this fee will no longer significantly increase the value of the trip.

optional equipment available. If an additional device is required, please let us understand how quickly. we will reserve essential equipment in advance. The most popular equipment options in Vilnius are a baby seat and an extra luggage compartment.

Consequences for traffic offences. broken street visitor rules payable via the car driver. The fines registered from the total ecu Union reach the car owner.

They are then sent to the tenant of the chip. The relevant Vilnius police department is informed of the infringement.

road costs. In most international locations in the EU, you have to pay to use the roads. Normally, the road charges per country are limited to 10 to 15 euros. if you do not pay these charges now and use the roads, you can return to Vilnius for an additional satisfactory fare.

Accidents. a lot can happen during a long experience. We advocate that you experience accident insurance at some point. This small car rental does not include.

optional app and its fees

What are the conditions for renting a car in Vilnius?

The minimum rental period is 1 day. The longest condominium is no longer available.

The renter must have a valid B licence.

The renter is responsible for the car during the duration of the condominium, i.e. keep the tire tension, oil and cooling degrees. provide fluid if necessary;

In addition, for accidents caused by the fault of the hirer;

The Renter is liable for any penalties that may be imposed on the vehicle as a result of alcohol consumption;

the rental of the car may be up to 500 km per day. That is, the average daily cost of the condominium should not exceed 500 km;

the car may be best driven in the EU Union. Crossing the border with Belarus, Russia and Ukraine is illegal.

The car is a lower back and drops satisfactorily than was taken. If the car becomes smooth, wiped clean, washed, at the beginning of the rental, the same must return to the owner. there is another tariff to return an unapproved car.

The car is supplied using the hirer with all the fuel in the tank and the owner also returns all the fuel in the tank. otherwise the hirer can pay the gas excretion as per the billing rates.

what is the car rental method?

Choose a minivan according to your wishes;

You leave a reservation (20%-50% of the rental);

We deliver/pick up the car and indicate the rental at the agreed time;

you use delivery;

you return the car to the agreed location.


cars are four-wheeled vehicles for transporting passengers or goods. The name of the car itself says that there is a mile-long small bus. Buses are divided into two classes according to their apparent use: passenger vans and cargo trucks. The best features of a car are:


Small trucks are almost as tough as vehicles. now they can’t put pressure on cars at all.


Slightly longer, but similar width to the vehicle. so they can be comfortable to manoeuvre on thin streets and motor parks.


Passenger cars can attract almost twice as many passengers as a car. Freight vehicles can carry up to 10 times the weight of a passenger car.

gas consumption –

This is a very big advantage of cars – low petrol consumption. Rental cars are up to 4 years old and have the same petrol consumption as a car. Aim for just 6-7 l/100 km.

Need a car in Kaunas?

“Kaunas is the heart of Lithuania” – this slogan perfectly describes the geographical role of Kaunas, a city from which you can easily reach any corner of Lithuania. That’s why Kaunas citizens love weekend trips around Lithuania. In case you need to travel freely with all your relatives or with a large organisation of friends, renting a car is a fantastic wish.

travel abroad.

For summer holidays in warm places or winter snowboarding, cars are huge. Since a car can be pushed by anyone with a category B driving licence, this makes it a completely attractive desire for a buddy agency holiday. In addition, there is no need to hire a motive power as even 9 people can travel together, the boot of the car can hold all the bags and the cost of the journey can be very low compared to the tax efficiency.

During weddings.

Cars with 9 or 19 seats are an excellent choice for transporting wedding events. Cozying up at such a celebration is rare and requires hiring a driver. It is convenient, and a laugh about the fact that the collective will be in the vicinity of the party. It really adds to the festive ecosystem.

Boy West/West.

These festivals are celebrated in turbulence, so people wanting to sit at the back of the wheel is unusual. In fact, the whole agency wants to travel as a collective, so a car is basically a logical desire. And who shouldn’t take the sun by the ocean or perhaps overseas with a terrific corporation of buddies.

For festivals/parties.

In such cases, a car has extra advantages than simply being a cozy vehicle. not simply all devices are suitable for the large bag compartment, but also for tents burying luggage. the trip will be price effective as a large partner trip. If there are people in your employer’s workforce who do not like to sleep in a tent, these are the miles that can normally be covered by car.

Car rental optional extras

The most common choice for our customers is to use a car rental. The nine-seat chip can be pushed by anyone and everyone else who has the right to put pressure on the passenger car, ie with a B licence. This mode of travel is chosen so that individuals who need to spend a holiday are not the most efficient for relaxation, but also see as many new places as possible.

By hiring a car without a driver, you now have a no-hassle experience and the new reports additionally save money. Renting a car at a lower cost than the cost of a driver.

Renting a bus without a driver is convenient because

you can make all and any other visits (no additional driver’s licence required);

No need to hire a professional driving force;

Incredible riding. After all, it’s not every day you get to drive a new and much lighter car.

Renting a car without motive power is viable:

if the main rental date is at least 25 years old, a copy of the private file is required;

if the driving force has at least three years’ experience on the main date of the rental, a duplicate driving licence is required;

if the driving force has a category B licence.

All passengers can lift the car under the following situations.

We offer passenger car services in Vilnius and Kaunas. Our main goal is not only to make you laugh, but also to make it smooth. It is best to rent technically fit cars, which can be checked frequently using a certified car carrier. In addition, we will take care of car coverage and “roadside assistance” in case of unforeseen problems.Whenever you have questions, we will be happy to answer them by phone or email. Unprotected

The car rental fee must be purchased in addition to the excess insurance. Franchise coverage protects the car renter from a one-off excess if any stage of the rental goes wrong. That is, the excess paid is recovered from the insurer.

Included in the excess cover:

The franchise insurance is reimbursed, allowing you to get a better return on the money you pay for the rental.

The insurance covers damage to the part of the car that includes the bottom, the glass, the tyres and the wrong keys.

Sum insured: up to €5,000. Up to €5,000 (fashion package), up to €5,000 (fashion package), up to €5,000 (insurance package). (Deluxe package).

Coverage is available for residents of almost all countries who rent a vehicle anywhere in Europe or around the Arena. “The Deluxe Package offer includes coverage and a car suite at your place of residence.

Daily prices start from €3 for a single rental.

If you rent your car frequently, we recommend purchasing annual coverage, which covers a wide variety of rentals, each not exceeding 60 days. The annual coverage fee starts from 50 Euros.

Up to 4 main drivers can be protected through the annual cover, supplied for all they encounter.

For more records on additional reimbursable franchise coverage, please visit We provide

passenger car rental offers in Vilnius and Kaunas. Our primary goal is to make your adventure not most effective, funny, however extra smooth. We conveniently hire technically fit cars which can be frequently checked through an authorized vehicle holder. In addition, we deal with car insurance and “roadside” assistance if you encounter amazing problems. if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them over the phone or by email (contact us).

additional car rental system facility

The car rental service is mostly used by people who like to be active. They go skiing in the mountains, sailing on the ocean, riding horses, etc. Often you need more space to take more items with you.

Car rental for weddings in Šiauliai

Car rental for weddings in Šiauliai has been serving clients for many years. This service is often chosen by customers planning trips abroad and travelling to Lithuania. In addition, many customers turn to car rental for weddings in Šiauliai when organising and planning a number of celebrations, including weddings or christenings, in addition to car rental for weddings in Šiauliai. for example, a party or a trip to a large employer using the sea.

The car apartment offers 20, 17-seater cars and a spacious 50-seater bus, with which you could visit well-known places in Lithuania and abroad without any problems.

A car for weddings in Šiauliai for sightseeing

Šiauliai is a beautiful and exclusive metropolis, there are many places to enjoy using car apartments in Šiauliai. you can prepare excursions for various activities. travelling with cars with classmates is definitely a useful and entertaining software. You can get to know the most famous places of the Šiauliai metropolis and cultural attractions.

On the road, a automotive journey to the surroundings of Šiauliai is a thrilling pastime for the city’s guests, who are no longer the most effective from different cities of Lithuania, but also from abroad. Maneuverable, safe and capacious shipping is vital at some stage of the tour.

Possibly the largest visited area in the Šiauliai region is the Hill of Crosses. The records of the Hill of Crosses are lower than the 19th century centre. it is a fascinating and memorable place. It’s actually difficult to describe it, so it’s better to be guided by an expert guide. The Hill of Crosses was visited by Pope John Paul II on 7 September 1993. The Hill of Crosses from Šiauliai is best 12 km away, so a trip in a rented car in Šiauliai for a wedding will certainly not be final and can be comfortable.

There are plenty of other exciting places that no one would do. The car rental house in Šiauliai puts the beautiful church buildings – St. The Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Cathedral of Sts. St. George’s Church, St. Peter and Paul Church, St.

A sweet tour to the oldest operating candy factory – Ruth.

Car rental in KLAIPĖDA

Car rental in Klaipeda, having a driving force, is a well-known service. car flat in Klaipeda has a high call amongst exceptional offenses and body phases. We perform car cooperative in Klaipeda in various activities. Car in Klaipeda cars are ready with CD, microphones, internet in Klaipeda. We are constantly improving the activities of the car apartment in Klaipeda. Bus body in Klaipeda with driver can be two cars in Klaipeda 20 seats, 25 seats. Car rental in Klaipeda is finished with one of the attractive and reliable Ford Transit, Mercedes Benz Sprinter cars for 8,15,20 seats.

Car rental in Klaipeda

In the first faculties, youngsters and kindergarteners are supplied with car seats and shares. car in Klaipeda has been a supplier for over fifty years. car in Klaipeda cars is your provider. We service travel, commercial enterprise, tradition and sporting activities. car drivers in Klaipeda talk about propel in Lithuanian, Russian, English. We offer our clients optimized car rental solutions, the best exclusive and greatest favourable situations to use our services both in Lithuania and abroad.

The Klaipėda freight car has been in use for a long time. Transportation of small loads in Klaipėda up to 1.5t is available through Klaipėda Freight Car Rental. In Klaipėda, transfer services, cargo transportation from the airport is carried out by freight car rental in Klaipėda with trailer. Our driver will be able to offer freight forwarding services. we look forward to your calls or enquiries through the car.

Bus rental in KLAIPĖDA Bus

Klaipėda is characterized by a progressive carrier. For your convenience, the car in Klaipėda is carried by “Ford Transit 2007.” Cars. We provide services for tourism, commercial enterprise, cultural, games and educational events. The bus corps in Klaipeda is completed with special, attractive, reliable cars for 8,15,20,25 seats.

When booking an apartment house in Klaipeda, with children having a children’s radio station, transportation takes placeKlaipeda.

Passenger car “Klaipeda” is the simplest, implementing the driving force. Ask for fees and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Car rental

Car rental in Klaipeda with motivational force from 15 euros per hour.

The city travel fee depends on the time of use of the car.

A one-hour journey to you and a spin to the park is delivered to it. Rent a small bus in Klaipeda with driver from 10 euros per hour.

Cargo car in Klaipeda with driver from 10 euros.

For young people, the value of the Klaipėda car cooperative is at the bottom, starting from 15 Euros in increments of an hour. 10 EUR surcharge for young people.

Flexibility for discounts!


Passenger transport in Klaipėda, Lithuania and abroad is available with the help of relaxed recreational vehicles.

Transportation of employees in Klaipėda to and from seminars and events is Wi-Fi enabled with the use of passenger car rental in Klaipėda.

Car rental in Klaipeda weddings are completed using car rental with driver in Klaipeda.Passenger car rental in Klaipeda and van rental in Vilnius baby delivery to schools is carried out. Transportation of Klaipeda youth to high school, excursions are Wi-Fi using passenger car rental in Klaipeda.

There are many details to consider when planning a wedding. One of the important aspects is transport. Whether you need to take the wedding guests to the ceremony or make sure the happy couple has a stylish car, renting a car can be a great solution. In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about renting a car for your wedding.

Why rent a car for a wedding?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider renting a car for your wedding:

Convenience: Hiring a car can be more convenient than relying on transport from friends or family. This way you can relax and enjoy your day without worrying about logistics.

Style: A rental car can add luxury and style to your wedding day. You can choose from a variety of models to find the perfect fit for your wedding theme.

Safety: If you plan to consume alcohol at your wedding reception, renting a car means you can travel safely without the risk of drink driving or accidents.

Photos: A stylish hire car can provide great photo opportunities both before and after the wedding.

Types of cars for weddings:

Wedding car hire: When it comes to hiring a car for your wedding, there are several different types of car to choose from:

Classic cars: Classic cars can add a vintage charm to your wedding day. These cars are often beautifully restored and maintained, making them perfect for photos.

Luxury cars: If you want to add a touch of luxury to your wedding day, renting a luxury car is a great option. These cars are often equipped with high-end features such as leather seats, climate control and advanced sound systems.

Exotic cars: If you want a truly unique experience, you can rent an exotic car such as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. These cars are sure to turn heads and make your wedding day unforgettable.

Limousines: Limousines are a classic choice for weddings. They have plenty of room for the wedding party and can be decorated to match the theme of your wedding.

Vintage cars: Vintage cars are a great choice for couples who want a classic wedding day look. From old-fashioned Model Ts to elegant Rolls Royces, there are plenty of vintage cars to choose from.

Choice of car rental company:

When it comes to choosing a car hire company for your wedding, there are several factors to consider:

Reputation: look for a company with a reputation for quality and reliability. You can read online reviews or ask friends or family for recommendations.

Availability: Make sure the company has the type of car you want on the day of the wedding. Some popular models can be booked months in advance, so plan ahead.

Price: Estimate the rental price, including any taxes or deposits. Compare prices from several companies to find the best deal.

Insurance: Make sure the rental car is properly insured to protect you in case of an accident.

Terms and conditions: Read the rental contract carefully to understand the terms and conditions. Please note any restrictions on mileage or driving locations.

Tips on how to rent a car for a wedding:

Here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a car for a wedding:

Book early: Book your rental car as early as possible to ensure availability and to lock in the best price.

Plan the decorations: If you plan to decorate the rental car, make sure the rental company allows it and get their approval for specific decorations.

Make sure you have a back-up plan: Always have a back-up plan in case the rental car cannot be rented or something goes wrong.

Be prepared: Make sure you have all the documents and information you need, including your driving licence, insurance information and rental contract.

Communicate with the rental company: Contact the rental company to confirm the booking and make any necessary changes.

Check the car before you leave: Before you leave with the rental car, check it for any damage or problems. If necessary, take photos of the car and report any problems to the rental company.

Take more time: Allow extra time to pick up and drop off the rental car to avoid delays or last-minute rushes.

Dress appropriately: If you plan to get in and out of the rental car in your wedding suit, dress appropriately to avoid damaging your dress or suit.

Plan your route: Plan your route in advance and tell the driver or other person involved in the carriage.

Pay attention to the conditions of the rental: Make sure you comply with the rental company’s conditions, including mileage limits and driving zones.


Renting a car for your wedding can add style, convenience and safety to your special day. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences when choosing a rental car. By choosing a reputable rental company, planning ahead and following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and memorable transport experience on your wedding day.

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