BMW X7 fo rent

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

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BMW X7 for rent with driver only. The X7 is a large and prestigious SUV that is the perfect choice for weddings and special trips, combining a luxurious interior with premium materials, a powerful engine and modern technology. This car can create an exceptional impression and comfort for your special occasions.

For weddings and trips, a BMW X7 rental will not only give you a distinctive look, but also a comfortable and luxurious environment where you and your loved ones can enjoy special moments.


The design of the BMW X7 is distinctive in its large proportions and masses. The massive front grille and steep lines set this SUV apart from the rest.
From the side, the car looks solid and elegant, and the long boot suggests not only a large luggage compartment but also a stylish design.


Inside the X7, you’ll be greeted with luxury and top-quality materials. Soft leather, wood inlays and modern technology will give you and your passengers a special experience.
The panoramic roof adds to the romantic holiday atmosphere.


Two large LCD screens and a full suite of features ensure that all passengers are comfortable and well entertained during their journey.
Voice-controlled functions and a transparent track-shift lever emphasise modernity and convenience. We offer BMW X7 rental for weddings.

The price of the service depends on the following factors: the date of the service, the time of the reservation, the number of rental cars, the length and complexity of the route, additional services (floral decorations, champagne, etc.)

*The appearance of car wheels may vary seasonally

** and trim details and equipment may vary from the actual photos shown.