Mercedes S class W223 for rent ( S class W223 )

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

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A top S-Class Mercedes Benz W223 rental car is for those who know luxury well. It is an extremely luxurious, refined, sophisticated model equipped with the latest technology for those who don’t even need to be told about it, because it’s a car where even the smallest detail has been thought of to make the journey unforgettable. The Merdeces Benz W223 Long version will allow you and your business partners to sit comfortably and have some time to yourself, the latest technology will allow you to adjust the interior lighting, the seats, the temperature, the sound or enjoy a massage, all controlled on LCD screens or separate tablets, and the exterior of the Merdeces Benz w223 will certainly attract the attention and admiration of every passer-by. Impressive shapes, top-quality finishes and workmanship. Mercedes S-Class for rent For an unforgettable experience, this model is a lifestyle where only the best is selected.
For those who know luxury, rent a Mercedes S luxury car with driver.

Mercedes S-Class for rent with driver in Vilnius, Kaunas and all cities in Lithuania.

The latest Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 creates an exceptional combination of unique comfort and reliable safety technology. This is particularly evident in the rear, where feel-good rear seats meet high-end luxury. The design of the new S-Class strikingly reflects the perfect proportions of the exterior and modern luxury of the interior. Modern innovations give the new S-Class an exceptional value that cannot be ignored. Luxury and comfort have been taken to a new level, making it the ideal holiday destination for those who want to make their car more than just a means of transport. The car is equipped with automatically deploying door handles. Features include a long wheelbase, panoramic roof, seats in Design Exclusive nappa leather, Designo DINAMICA microfibre black or light-coloured headlining, Burmester sound system, and rear seats with a semi-reclining position (executive seat). Extra comfort for rear passengers: multimedia, intelligent climate control, electrically controlled seats with heating, ventilation and massage functions, charging for mobile devices. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 for wedding and business travel offers modern luxury and first-class comfort.

The rear seats of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 offer an extremely high level of comfort and luxury. This part of the car is designed to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment on the road. Here are some of the outstanding features of these seats:

Front seat adjustment: you can recline the front seat, adjust it to your preference, sit comfortably and enjoy your journey. Footrests: There are special footrests for your legs so that you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of being lifted.

Massage: the seats have built-in massage functions to give you a relaxing massage during your journey. LCD screens: Two LCD screens allow you to enjoy video entertainment or use other functions for live entertainment and information.

Tablet for control: a dedicated tablet for easy operation will allow you to easily access and control various functions.

Mini-table: a mini-table that can be used for different needs, such as work or snacks, will add to your comfort.

Tray and fridge option: The seats can be equipped with trays, fridges or other containers to store a variety of items, snacks or drinks. Curtains: The design of the seats can include curtains, which create privacy and even greater comfort.

LED lighting: controls and non-controls are illuminated with LED lights that not only complement the design but also give the impression of a modern and luxurious interior. All these features, combined with the car’s outstanding design and premium materials, make the Mercedes-Benz S-Class a special and unique driving experience.

Passenger capacity: 3 (rear seat for 2 passengers).

The price of the service depends on the following factors: the date of the service, the time of the reservation, the number of rental cars, the length and complexity of the route, additional services (floral decorations, champagne, etc.)

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** and trim details and equipment may vary from the actual photos shown.