Passenger minibus rental

Passenger minibus rental

Minibus hire is a service that often makes the everyday life of every traveller or tourist you meet easier. Renting comfortable minibuses that can accommodate larger groups of people can be the right solution not only for you but also for your family. We provide this service throughout Lithuania.

We offer 13 to 22-seater minibuses with drivers who know and love their job. We work with a wide range of individuals, businesses, tour groups or school groups. So this service is perfect in any weather and at any time !

How much does this service cost ?

The cost of hiring a minibus with our driver depends on several aspects and customer preferences. We provide a quality service at a reasonable price. We usually estimate the price based on the number of passengers planned or available, the time of the rental booking and the duration of the journey, the comfort of the chosen minibus, the number of kilometres of the route travelled, and the customer’s individual preferences and wishes. In any case, we are flexible and committed to giving you the best service at the right price. Are you ready to travel with us ?

Holidays, birthdays and even simple outings can be overwhelming. Food, clothes, itinerary, transport. As a result, we are often in a hurry, rushing around, trying to fit everything in, but then we forget how important comfort is to us. That’s why we offer you to stop worrying, because minibus rental offers you not only a comfortable, always tidy vehicle, but also the driver himself. No more worrying about traffic conditions or comfort. You’ll arrive at the party, or maybe even a job interview, invigorated and focused.

Minibus rental - services

Minibus rental is useful for the following occasions:

Minibus rental for weddings. When the most important day of your life dawns, the last thing you want to do is sweat the small stuff. That’s why we’ll make sure your transport doesn’t cause you any headaches. We’ll take care of everything from routing to comfort, so that on this, or any other important day in your life, you can just relax and enjoy the journey.

Minibus rental for stag parties. As we all know, stag parties are celebrated in a really stormy way, so many drivers refuse to provide this service. However, we not only provide this service, but we often offer a get-to-know-you or even more fun games.

Minibus rental for hen parties . Minibus hire for hen parties is the perfect solution for all the girls to travel together. You can have fun in the minibus no matter what the weather and reach your destination at the same time. Hiring a minibus for a hen party is cheaper than hiring a limousine. You’ll be drinking champagne during the party, hanging out at the bus stops, and we’ll take the whole party safely and comfortably to the club or other entertainment destination.

Minibus rental for birthdays.The service ensures that your trip with family, friends or guests will be fun and adventurous. Are there many guests willing to drive cars for such an occasion? Of course not, which is why hiring a minivan is the perfect solution for the most joyful celebrations of your life, so that you and your guests arrive in a great festive mood. We’ll take care of dropping your guests off at their homes, hotels or even airports after the party, so you can rest assured that your guests have returned safely.

 Minibus rental for trips. If you have been dreaming of visiting the beautiful places of Lithuania for a long time, but you don’t have a vehicle or it is too small to accommodate your luggage or all the passengers, Mercedes minibus rental in Klaipėda, Utena and other cities is the ideal solution for your trip. Recently, minibus rental is most often booked for sightseeing trips. Whether you are visiting Trakai Castle, travelling to the Lajai Trail or just going for a walk with your family in the Anykščiai hills. Vehicle rental is also useful for long-distance, intercity and city trips. We can take you from A to B by the quickest and most convenient route you’ve arranged, so all you have to do during your trip is relax or even do your own activities. Minibus rental in Trakai will show your guests the most beautiful places in Trakai.Near Aukštadvaris there is an object called Velniaduobe. It is a funnel-shaped pit 40 metres deep and has a viewing platform at the top. Visiting this or any other famous Trakai landmark will give your guests a better understanding of the region.

Minibus rental for children’s excursions. Many parents want their children to be continuously educated. Nothing develops a child better than excursions to their home country. In many cases, the whole class does not go on excursions, so hiring a minibus is much cheaper than a large bus. This is an extremely popular minibus rental service in Vilnius, Kaunas and other major cities.

Shuttle service is the most popular service for quick and comfortable transfer of guests from Vilnius International Airport to hotels or from Karmėlava Airport to one of Kaunas hotels. This service can be used not only for an individual, but also for a group, a company or even for family members. The essential itineraries are operated at convenient times, which are oriented towards the most frequent and popular flights, in order to give passengers enough time to check in their personal luggage and to rest before their flight. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, so we will do everything possible to provide maximum efficiency in our services and to ensure that even the smallest problems do not arise throughout the journey. We are confident that your decision to choose our company will be a positive one.

Excursions. Tired of figuring out your itinerary? Forget the last time you were relaxed? With minibus rental in Kaunas, Vilnius and all over Lithuania, you’ll never have to think about it again. What’s more, minibus rental is an extremely popular service for sightseeing tours. Since excursions are made with a larger group of people who of course want to stay together during the whole trip, minibus rental is the most common choice. Minibus rental in Vilnius is by far the most popular service, as this is where many foreign visitors come from. Since guests or tourists want to stay together, we offer comfortable, manoeuvrable minibuses that will give you the opportunity to have a great time together during your trip.

Minibus rental available throughout Lithuania

Minibus rental in Kaunas:

We offer you passenger minibus rental services in Kaunas. This is an increasingly popular service among companies. What is a minibus for? This vehicle is ideal for transporting company employees to training courses, events or even business trips. This way, all employees stay together and have the opportunity to discuss important issues or prepare for important presentations during the journey.

Minibus rental in Alytus and Panevėžys:

In addition to passenger transport to the main destinations in Lithuania, we also offer personal clients the opportunity to rent minibuses for individual needs – it can be a group of people travelling around Lithuania, or a group of friends deciding to go on a road trip around Lithuania. It is therefore very important that minibus rental in Panevėžys and passenger minibus rental in Alytus and other cities are characterised by high-quality and modern service.

Minibus rental in Vilnius:

With our company’s services, you can enjoy the benefits of minibus rental, relax, make preparations for an important job interview or presentation, or simply dream the whole journey. It is also important that our minibuses are compact, a little longer, but similar in width to a car, so that you have no problem taking passengers and tourists around the narrow streets of Vilnius Old Town.

Minibus rental in Šiauliai:

Our company strives to rent minibuses at the lowest price, so this service is not only available to the residents of big cities. It is a very attractive and financially optimal option for both long-distance, intercity and intra-city trips. So you won’t have to worry about inflated or illogical prices when travelling to or from Šiauliai.

Passenger minibuses for rent in Klaipeda:

Nowadays, people are getting more and more tired of nature, tired of the sounds of the city, tired of the noise. Minibus rental will take care of your trip to Klaipėda or any other seaside city or town. You will be able to listen to the sound of the waves again and not worry about any travel-related issues.

Driver services:

Minibus rental with driver for birthdays, trips or excursions all over Lithuania! The chauffeur service will take the worry out of finding the most convenient or fastest route, and what’s more, minibus rental offers:

Professional chauffeur services
Deliveries at the exact agreed time
A fun journey from point A to point B
You don’t have to worry about the route or traffic conditions
Travel throughout Lithuania!
Top quality service

Nuoma Jums Minibus rental with driver offers you:

It’s no secret that the driver is essential to maintaining the quality of transport. Our driver is communicative and modern, so your journey will be fun and interesting, and our driver has many years of driving experience, so you will not only have a fun journey, but you will also feel safe and relaxed during the journey.

Why should you choose minibus hire? Because:

Traveling with us is always fun and exciting
We strive for the highest level of service
We ensure a safe and enjoyable journey
Our minibuses are more comfortable than limousines and just as much fun!
We provide services for families, companies, private or public individuals, event organisations, groups
We advise on all travel related issues
Our minibuses are new and safe
We transport passengers, groups or companies to and from Vilnius International Airport, Karmėlava Airport

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