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Wedding transport Lithuania with driver

Do you dream of a beautiful wedding celebration and that unforgettable moment when you and your loved one drive off in a gorgeous car and enjoy the day? Our company offers you luxury and exquisitely designed exclusive cars for your wedding! New, comfortable, ultra-luxurious cars will bring a lot of excitement and charm not only to you but also to your guests.

A luxury car will not only catch the eyes of passers-by, but will also look stunning in photographs. We make sure that your journey during this great celebration will be comfortable! Our professional private chauffeurs will make sure your journey is safe and comfortable. We promise that we will get you there on time.

Car rental for weddings throughout Lithuania!

Rent a Car offers you exclusive car rentals with a private driver for weddings and other celebrations. Car rental throughout Lithuania! Are you planning a wedding in Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Utena or Alytus, but don’t have a luxurious wedding vehicle? Or maybe you are dreaming of a seaside wedding in Nida, Palanga, Sventoji or Klaipėda? We will take care of the newlyweds’ transport during the celebration!

Rent a car in Klaipėda, Nida, Palanga or Sventoji. You can also rent a luxury car in Lithuania’s largest cities – Vilnius and Kaunas. We can offer you white or black car rental for weddings. Classic black and white car models will match the colours of your wedding celebration, and if you choose several identical cars, not only the bride and groom, but also the guests will enjoy a comfortable journey.

Create a unique spectacle for you and your guests! Our cars are distinguished not only by their quality, but also by the luxury image they create. We offer our customers a wide range of luxury and exclusive cars: for those who dream of an extraordinary transport for their wedding, we offer retro cars! For the newlyweds seeking luxury, elegance and comfort, we offer a choice of luxury Mercedes-Benz E and S cars, as well as Rolls Royce Ghost, Lexus, Bentley exclusive cars for wedding rentals.

For clients who want a particularly economical, comfortable and quiet journey, we can offer the luxury interior of the Tesla Model X electric car. We guarantee that a private chauffeur and a luxury car will take you to your chosen destination on time. To make the transport even more spectacular during the celebration, „Rent a car” will also take care of the decoration of the car or, for an additional fee, will make a custom decoration for you so that the wedding car will look especially festive.

The newlyweds will just have to enjoy their wedding celebration in a special car on the city streets. Our professional chauffeurs will take care of the bride and groom’s transport. Car rental for weddings starts from 30€/hour. Prices may vary depending on the time of reservation and service, the number of cars available and the number of hours of rental. The price may also vary due to the route you have planned. We recommend contacting us to find out the exact price of our services.

Which cars are available for hire?

It’s no secret that when you think of an important celebration in your life, you want to have a look of splendour, beauty or even luxury. Our car rental services for weddings and other important occasions offer a wide range of options. „The cars we offer at Rent a Car are comfortable, luxurious and safe.

We offer an exceptional selection of luxury car rentals throughout Lithuania and beyond. You will have a unique opportunity to choose from the most luxurious car brands: Mercedes – Benz E , S G , Gl class, BMW, Rolls Royce, Tesla, Bentley. We strive to give our clients only the best and most unique experience, so we invite you to choose white or black luxury cars for your celebration. We want you to have an unforgettable experience! Luxury car rental with chauffeur for your celebration, trip or meeting.

We offer you cars that will give your celebration an extra touch of luxury, exclusive charm and special comfort:

Mercedes-Benz E W212 , E W213 , E W214 luxury and comfort car rental for your celebrations with a professional private driver.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class rental W222, S-Class rental W221 , S W222 facelift S W223 limousine rental for weddings and other events with a private chauffeur. Comfort, exclusivity, modernity and power. This is how you can describe the Mercedes Benz S-Class Long Limousine, which has never been a standard vehicle in its history. A comfortable journey is guaranteed.

Mercedes-Benz MAYBACH rental for a wedding or other celebration – an elegant, sophisticated, comfortable car to rent for your celebration. The seats in the back are adjustable to suit everyone’s needs, and there is also a massage function for the newlyweds or other party guests to enjoy during the journey.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class rental ( gelcoat rental ) for weddings or other celebrations. This car with its extraordinary design, powerful engine and eye-catching appearance will add a touch of glamour to your celebration. You can choose between black or white gelcoat for your wedding.

Rolls Royce Ghost for wedding or other celebrations – a car with a subtle luxury for those who want to travel to their celebration in a very special vehicle. Passers-by are guaranteed to stare.

Mercedes E for wedding or other celebrations – a comfortable car for those who love style and elegance, with a price that is the right balance of comfort and quality.

Tesla Model X for wedding or other celebrations – a luxurious interior, extremely safe and comfortable car.

Bentley Bentayga for wedding or other celebrations – this car brand has been hailed as the most luxurious, the fastest and the most exclusive.

Renting a Bentley Bentayga can also take care of the journey for a larger group of people. We can offer you passenger transport rentals for 7 to 100 passengers. Mercedes-Benz V-Class for rent with driver in Lithuania. This car is suitable for family and business trips, as it can accommodate up to 7 people. And in the ultra-luxury version, it seats 5 people. Like other Mercedes cars, this business minivan features comfortable seats, a top-class sound system and safety. For larger groups of people, we can offer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter rentals in Lithuania. We have three of them: 13 seats, 16 seats, 19 seats, 20 seats, 23 seats.

For newlyweds who want a vehicle with a very exclusive style, we can offer retro-style Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado car rental. A trip in this car will create extraordinary sensations and unforgettable memories. You can choose from three colours: red, white or gold.

Why pay?

We guarantee the highest level of service, professional private chauffeurs and comfortable journeys. You don’t have to worry about the journey and you don’t have to find a driver. One call to us and your transport worries for the party are solved! We’ll help you reduce the stress and excitement of travelling to your celebration! Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. You can choose the time of travel that suits you and combine your interests with ours. The car will be ready for your comfortable journey and we guarantee to get you to the right place on time. We suggest you book our services in advance. Invoicing.

Looking for a luxurious, comfortable car for your celebration?

„Rent a car for you will make sure that your journey during the celebration is comfortable and safe. We provide car rental services with a driver throughout Lithuania. We offer a wide range of wedding car rentals, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Tesla, Rolls Royce and many more cars with exceptional design. Want an exceptionally luxurious wedding vehicle? We offer you a luxury wedding car rental!

This car is particularly desirable at wedding celebrations, its exclusive design adds a touch of glamour. We have black and white gellicas to match the bride and groom’s look. We can come to the city of your choice: we rent cars with driver in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Utena, Alytus. We can also come to other Lithuanian cities according to your wishes. You don’t have to worry about travelling during the wedding, we will arrive at the time and place you have agreed upon with the most luxurious cars. We will take care of everything: the car will be clean, we will decorate the transport for your celebration and the pleasant smell inside will let you relax and enjoy the journey.

Luxury car rental for weddings

We take into account the individual wishes and preferences of each client, so we will provide you with a wide range of wedding car hire options. We can offer you white and black cars for your wedding. All you have to do is choose the make of the car you want: from luxury Mercedes-Benz wedding car hire, to BMW wedding car hire, to Porsche wedding car hire. For those who want to be extra special, we can offer ultra-luxury, extraordinary cars: Bentley for wedding hire, Rolls Royce for wedding hire, Tesla Model X for wedding hire. For newlyweds looking for a subtle, exclusive car for their celebration, rent a vintage, retro-style car for their wedding.

Not only the newlyweds want to experience a true sense of luxury and solemnity on this special day. They choose big, beautiful, expensive cars that make them feel like royalty. That’s exactly how you’ll feel when you choose our luxury car rental service.

With the latest Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Tesla Model X models, our wedding car hire service will ensure a comfortable journey during your celebration. We understand how important this day is, so we’ll make sure your transport reflects luxury and creates an unforgettable impression. With our wedding cars, your journey will not only be conveniently organised, but also exceptional.

We offer car rental services in Lithuania throughout the season. Contact us as early as possible to book your luxury car rental for your wedding. Luxury transport for the newlyweds will reduce the stress and worry of travelling during the wedding. We can guarantee the best value for money when it comes to luxury car rental in Lithuania. Our chauffeurs are qualified and professional, and will ensure that your journey is safe and that you do not feel any worry or hassle.

Cars for weddings with private chauffeur

We will take care of the newlyweds’ transport during this beautiful celebration. As we provide luxury car rental with private chauffeur throughout Lithuania, we can come to the location of your choice. We can also plan the journey according to your chosen route. For example, from Kaunas to Klaipėda, Vilnius, Šiauliai or any other city of your choice. We guarantee luxury, safety and punctuality. Our professional drivers will make sure that the newlyweds have a comfortable journey.

We will take care not only of the newlyweds’ transport, but also of the guests’ journey. Guest transport – convenient, safe, comfortable. The guests will not have to worry about the journey, they can relax and enjoy the company in a comfortable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivan. Our vans can accommodate most of your guests, and our professional private chauffeurs will make sure that your guests are safely transported to their destination.

Minibus hire for weddings

We provide minibus hire for 16-23 seats with a private driver. We can accommodate everyone, big and small. Your guests won’t have to worry about where to leave the car during the ceremony, nor will they have to look for a driver Rent a Van will do everything for you. Minibus can come to meet your party guests in all Lithuanian cities: minibus rental Vilnius, minibus rental Kaunas, minibus rental Klaipeda.

Bride and groom’s car – chauffeur-driven bridal transport, luxury and elegance with Mercedes S-Class rental. On this special day, when every detail has to be perfectly thought out, we offer not only transport but also an exceptional experience. The Mercedes S-Class offered for the bride’s transport inspires luxury and elegance, adding a special touch of glamour to your wedding or any other special occasion. The look of the car is a real centre of attention. The design of the Mercedes S-Class creates a solid, elegant and modern image. This is a car that shines with luxury, and its great-looking exterior is sure to catch the eye of those around you. The elegant and spacious cabin will provide the bride and groom with a comfortable environment for their journey. High-end materials, stylish details and modern technology create a luxurious atmosphere. The bride and groom will be able to spend every moment in comfort and elegance. Our professional chauffeur, dressed appropriately and ready to help, will ensure that the journey is not only comfortable but also safe. A Mercedes S-Class wedding car rental is not only a transport to the venue, but also an unforgettable experience that will enrich your special day with luxury and elegance.

Friendly service is one of the most important aspects of hiring a car for your wedding. A chauffeur will not spoil your mood during the celebration, on the contrary, hiring a luxury car for your wedding will be one of the best decisions you can make. Renting a car for a wedding starts from 30 euros/hour. Prices may vary depending on the time of booking and the service, the number of cars available and the number of hours of rental. The price may also vary due to the route you have planned. To find out the exact price of our services, please contact us at

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