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Would you be tempted to be driven around in a Cadillac with exceptional style? If you don’t know where this design tradition comes from, let us introduce you to the distinctive and spectacular American-style car. Stay with Cadillac!


What are retro cars?

Retro cars are old cars that can be considered classic or historic, often representing a particular historical period, design style or technological period. Most retro cars have a unique look and are considered collectors’ items.

These cars are often valued for their antiquity, rarity, unique design, technological innovation or historical significance. Retro cars can be kept original or restored and repaired with modern technology, while retaining their vintage appearance.

People often choose retro cars because of nostalgia, a passion for the old days.

Welcome to Rent a Car, an exclusive retro car rental service with a chauffeur who will ensure your safety and travel comfort. Our collection includes beautiful vintage cars such as the Cadillac Deville, the Cadillac Eldorado and other retro cars that will become an integral part of your special days. The collection includes cars from different eras that will revive a sense of vintage elegance for your special day or event.

Rentals can offer you retro car hire with driver only. Retro cars on the day of the celebration will provide a unique experience and spectacular moments with retro car rental services.


The start of unique moments with retro cars

Exclusive services:

A variety of styles and eras: choose from our large collection of retro cars reflecting different styles and moments in history.
Drivers with a Sense of Style: our chauffeurs not only ensure your safety, but also master the uniqueness of each car, giving you an authentic experience of vintage beauty.

Customising your celebration: whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or any other special event, we create the perfect retro car for you. Our retro cars are more than just vehicles – they are charming historic vehicles that will give your event an incredible atmosphere. Weekend getaways, weddings, celebrations or photo shoots with our cars will not only be a journey, but also a wonderful memory.

Why us:

Top quality retro car hire: each of our cars is meticulously maintained to ensure they are in perfect condition and have an exceptional beauty. Retro cars are restored with respect for history and original beauty, guaranteeing an exceptional experience.
A personal service line: our team is always ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right car for your day.
Your moments, our choice: let us add a glow of vintage elegance to the special moments of your event. Quality and design: our collector models reflect not only bygone eras, but also by exquisite design.
Let’s trust our retro cars, and let every second of your day reflect the beauty and elegance of history. Your journey begins here, with a rental for you !

A date with the past: let us open an era and take you back in time. Our retro cars, such as the Cadillac Deville , the Eldorado or other vintage masterpieces, will become part of the moments of your life, adding elegance and uniqueness.

Your day, your style: choose a retro car to suit your taste and the nature of your event. We will take your wishes into account and ensure that your journey is not just a transport but a way of life.

Give your event a unique colour and a distinctive touch with our retro cars. Your journey begins here with us!

Cadillac Deville chauffeur-driven rental service. This is the perfect choice to add a special touch of style to your wedding, celebration or other special event.

Cadillac Deville 1959 for rent in Vilnius:

Stylish image: the 1959 Cadillac Deville is renowned for its exquisite design with its distinctive high and stylish contours that attract attention.

Elegant interior: well-equipped with a white leather interior, this car will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your important day.

White: emphasises the individuality of the 1959 Cadillac Deville and adds a special touch of exclusivity.

Cadillac Deville 1968 for rent in Kaunas:

Bordeaux colour: The Cadillac Deville 1961, a burgundy-coloured car, will enrich the event of your celebration or wedding by giving it a distinctive and historical value.

With its stylish convertible and characterful details, this car will create a special impression.

Driver: Our service includes a professional driver who will ensure that your journey runs smoothly and safely.

Why choose a Cadillac Deville?

Unique design: the Cadillac Deville is an exceptional retro car with a unique and historic design.
Photogenic: These cars are not only suitable for transport, but also perfect for photo shoots or filming.
An unforgettable feeling: Every moment driving this car will be special and unforgettable.

Vintage cars for hire are a special experience that will make your special moments special and special.


Renting a vintage car is not just a journey, it’s a story. Sophisticated and exclusive, it allows you to experience not only the movement on the road, but also the legend of the past becoming the reality of today. It’s not just a car, it’s a way of travelling that makes every moment special and every detail part of the story.

When you hire a retro car, you don’t just drive on the road, you travel back in time, you feel the vintage vibrations and sensations that every sound of the car’s engine brings, every gleaming chrome detail adds to the charm of this massive car. It’s an unforgettable journey that leaves an unforgettable impression and brings joy to everyone.

Retro cars are not just vehicles, they are true art that creates a special atmosphere and draws you into a tale from the past. Our passion lies in exclusive designs, unique shapes and indescribable comfort, allowing you to enjoy the true retro spirit.

Our Cadillac models are a true testament to how vintage cars can remain authentic and beautiful. Through the meticulous care and restoration of these cars, we strive to maintain the authenticity and charm of their time. It’s not just a transport service, it’s also a journey back in time, allowing you to experience how different generations have moved along the roads and feel like you’re amongst the legendary cars of old.”

Trust our service, and let Cadillac Deville make your important day even more uniquely elegant!

Retro car hire for weddings


Retro car hire for weddings and photo shoots Vintage cars are the perfect choice for weddings or photo shoots, adding a special, wonderful memory to your important day. Original wheels and parts The Cadillac Deville , Eldorado comes with original wheels and other exclusive parts that highlight its authenticity. Our services: – chauffeur-driven rental:

Cadillac Deville Hire in Kaunas: Let us give your wedding a special sparkle with Cadillac Deville Hire in Kaunas. We will give you a special Devil Deville Devotion with an exclusive styling that will make your important day a unique highlight.

Cadillac Deville Hire in Alytus: Alytus is a city that has emerged with its own unique history. With a Cadillac Deville rental in Alytus, you will be able to bring even more elegance and exclusivity to your wedding ceremony.

If you are looking for an authentic retro style, Kaunas is a great place to start. Our chauffeur-driven retro car rental in Kaunas will give you the opportunity to express your unique taste and style.

Retro car rental in Klaipėda: Klaipėda, as a maritime city, has its own character. With retro car rental in Klaipėda, you can give your wedding a special maritime feel and elegance.

Retro car rental in Vilnius: Vilnius, as the capital city, offers many opportunities to give your wedding a special touch. Retro car rental in Vilnius will give you the opportunity to stand out.

Vintage car rental in Panevėžys: With its history, Panevėžys can be a great place to choose a vintage car rental. It’s not just transport, it’s also a journey through time.

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