Mercedes - Benz Sprinter VIP 20 seats for rent

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VIP passenger transport rental with Mercedes-Benz with a capacity of 20 seats is an exclusive service for those seeking the highest level of comfort and luxury for their special trips or important event delegations. This choice of transport creates a special atmosphere and ensures that every journey is exceptional.

Key features:

Luxurious interior: the Mercedes-Benz Passenger Transport has an elegant design, a light leather interior and a special exclusive equipment that creates a cosy and exclusive atmosphere.

20 passenger seats: the large number of passengers enables large groups or delegations to be transported in comfort and safety.

VIP facilities: curtains, tinted windows and other exclusive details create a VIP atmosphere, giving every journey a special feeling.

Delegations: this passenger transport is designed to carry delegations of the highest level, ensuring the right level of safety and a high standard of service.

Tailored for tourism: the vehicle is used with groups of tourists, ensuring comfort and a quality travel experience.

The VIP chauffeur-driven passenger transport rental service perfectly combines luxury and comfort to ensure an exceptional travel experience. It is an exclusive transport service that aims to offer the highest level of service to those who seek not only comfort but also exclusivity in every journey.

Professional driver: every VIP passenger transport provider has a professional and experienced driver. Not only is he responsible for safe driving, but he also takes care of the passengers’ needs and comfort.

Privacy and security: VIP transport services provide passengers with a private and secure travel experience. Tinted windows, a private driver and other security measures ensure your privacy.

Top level service: VIP passenger transport services guarantee the highest level of service from start to finish. This includes assistance with luggage, helpful route planning advice and more.

Minimum booking price: the transport rental offer starts with a minimum price, tailored to ensure affordability and high quality of service, starting from €350.

This VIP passenger transport is suitable for both business and leisure events to provide you and your important guests with an exceptional and comfortable travel experience.

The price of the service depends on the following factors: the date of the service, the time of the reservation, the number of rental cars, the length and complexity of the route, additional services (floral decorations, champagne, etc.)

*The appearance of car wheels may vary seasonally

** and trim details and equipment may vary from the actual photos shown.