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Car rental in Vilnius with a driver offers an exceptional opportunity to travel in comfort and style, taking care of every detail of your journey. We’re here to make sure your journey is not only comfortable, but also enjoyable and hassle-free. Our commitment starts with your welcome, transfer and reassurance. We understand that every trip is unique and we are committed to taking care of all aspects of your travel arrangements.

We will advise you, listen to your needs and find the optimal solution for your car rental with driver. We will meet you and your guests at Vilnius Airport, train or bus stations and take you to any desired destination in Lithuania or abroad. Our intercity transfers from Vilnius are not only convenient but also very popular with our customers.

Car rental with driver in Vilnius is a service that allows you to travel from one city to another without any additional worries, easily and comfortably. We also offer chauffeur-driven car rental in Vilnius for holidays. This is a great service that will give you the opportunity to forget all the hassles of transport, relax and enjoy the long-awaited and planned celebration. Our car rental services for weddings, hen and stag parties cover a wide range of transport sizes, from cars for the bride and groom to a wide range of transport sizes for the wedding guests, parents, friends and other party participants.

Car rental with driver in Vilnius is not only a convenient but also a luxurious service, allowing you to enjoy a safe, efficient and enjoyable journey in the city and beyond. We are here to enrich your travel experience and make it unforgettable.

Why will our services meet your needs?

Whenever you need to organise a trip on behalf of your company or meet an important guest, it’s important to choose a reliable and quality car rental service provider. Based in Vilnius, Nuoma Jums offers a wide range of chauffeur-driven car rental services that can be tailored to your needs. Why are we your best choice?

We understand your needs – our many years of experience in the car rental industry give us a good understanding of the needs of different customers. An integral part of our service is geared towards companies looking to transport their employees or important guests efficiently and comfortably. We know that every journey can be important, so we strive to ensure maximum customer comfort.

Our cars are your prestige

Rent a Car for You has a modern and high-end fleet of cars. Our fleet of vehicles ranges from luxury limousines to luxury SUVs such as bentley bentayga , maserati levante , mercedes g class SUVs with exclusive equipment. Each of our cars is maintained and serviced to the highest standards, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Professional drivers for your peace of mind

Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. That’s why every one of our drivers is a professional with years of experience. Not only do they know the city’s road infrastructure well, but they also strive to offer the highest level of service. We understand that reliability and pleasant communication are important for every company.

Our services adapt to your needs

Rent a Car offers you flexible prices for car rental services with driver in Vilnius for regular customers. We understand that every company has a unique approach to travel, so we do our best to adapt to your needs. We can provide you with a car with a company logo, as well as the possibility to choose the interior and exterior of the car according to your preferences.

Why choose Hire You?

Reliability: we guarantee a high quality service and reliable transport.
Professionalism: our drivers are professional, experienced professionals who care about your safety.
Luxury Comfort: our cars are not just vehicles, but also a comfort zone for your journey.

Trust us to take you where you need to go, but also to make sure your journey is pleasant and comfortable.

As a modern city, Vilnius offers not only cultural diversity, but also first-class service. One of these elite services is car rental with driver in Vilnius, which offers not only a comfortable, but also a stylish journey around the capital. At Luxury Car Rentals, we strive to satisfy even the most discerning clients by offering unique and comfortable journeys.

A selection of luxury cars in Vilnius

Our fleet of cars is top of the range and will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. We rent luxury sedans, SUVs and limousines, each with the latest technology, styling details and superior comfort.

Stylish and professional chauffeurs in Vilnius

Our chauffeurs not only handle the road well, but also look stylish and meet our customers’ highest standards. Their mission is to ensure you have a pleasant, safe and prescientific travel experience.

Personal service

We treat every customer as special, which is why our services include a personal touch, smooth transfers and flexible scheduling. We strive to convey not only the convenience of the journey, but also a special service that’s on par with a five-star hotel.

Luxury chauffeur-driven car rental in Vilnius When it comes to special moments, it’s worth starting with luxury and elegance. Our luxury chauffeur-driven car rental in Vilnius offers not only a journey, but also a memorable experience.

With top-class cars and professional chauffeurs, we aim to make your trip special and stylish. Whether it’s an important business meeting, a wedding or just wanting to feel special, our selection of luxury cars is at your service.

Let us change the way you think about your trip and present Vilnius from the ultimate luxury perspective.

How to book?

Booking a chauffeur-driven car rental in Vilnius is easy and convenient. Book our services directly online or contact us by phone. We guarantee a smooth and flawless service.

Meet Vilnius in style

Meet the streets of Vilnius with our luxury cars and a private driver. Stand out and experience not only the beauty of the city, but also the uniqueness of the journey. Renting a car with a driver in Vilnius is not just about the vehicle, it’s about your style and comfort.

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