360 camera rental ( 360 selfie camera rental )

360 camera rental If you want to add a special and original touch to your celebration, this is a great service to include in your event. A unique way to immortalise your celebration of love with a rotating video selfie platform. We have a classic 360 platform ( we can produce your company logo, photos of the bride and groom, special initials and a 360 platform with led lights.
We provide rental service in Kaunas and Vilnius but we work all over Lithuania! Call, email and book your celebration now!
How does a 360 selfie camera work?

All you and your guests have to do is stand on a special platform where a special camera rotates 360 degrees around you. This allows you to create spectacular selfies in Slow Motion. Everyone at the party will get cool clips with an accompanying soundtrack. All clips are instantly sent to the participants’ phones, allowing them to share their memories instantly.

This platform can be used for weddings, birthdays, or any other variety of events. It is not only a form of entertainment, but also a great way to create memorable video footage that can be easily integrated into your celebration video. Stand out and make your celebration of love extraordinary with a 360 camera platform!

The 360 platform is an exclusive video zone that creates a unique experience and leaves many memorable moments. Traditional “selfies” (selfies) have long since become commonplace and boring. Few in the country can boast a 360 selfie experience, so this is a great opportunity to surprise and engage your guests!

A 360 selfie is a unique way to lift the mood of any event in Lithuania. This video zone will not only enrich your event, but also give your participants the opportunity to share their amazing impressions instantly on social networks. This is a really great opportunity to give your event a special and original twist. Hire 360 selfies and let this innovative service become an integral part of your celebration!

What result will you get?

We will ensure that your recording is unique and reflects the uniqueness of your celebration. In the usual format – 15 seconds of video. We’ll carefully select the most beautiful shots, add slow motion and other effects and send you the resulting video.

If you like, we can decorate the video with a frame with your logo. We have ready-made frame templates for you to choose from.

What’s the secret to a successful recording?

The most important thing is to move as much as possible! Dance, spin and smile. If you happen to be in a bad mood, our service equipment such as gymnastic ribbons, soap bubbles, bubble guns, etc. will add dynamism to your recording.

When will you receive the video?

The video will be created immediately and we can produce a video of the whole event as soon as possible if you wish, but we commit to editing and sending it within 7 days of the event.

Want to see the result during the event?

We can set up a screen and start editing the video during the event, so that all participants can see the result they can expect. This is a great opportunity to enrich the celebration and make it more dynamic.

About the 360° selfie camera

360 selfie equipment that captures unforgettable video selfies is the hottest new thing in the world of photo and video. You can pose alone or with friends and enjoy spectacular videos.

Integration with social networks

We’ll send your videos directly to you in the right format for Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. We guarantee that they will receive a high number of likes/likes.

Possibility to film with your phone

Although we film the videos with our own equipment, we also give you the option to film your own recordings with your phone so that you can process them according to your preferences.


360 selfie equipment captures special moments that will be the perfect addition to your celebration film. Record guests partying, colleagues at a party or attendees at a festival and create incredible memories.

A unique experience with 360 selfie camera rental: innovation for weddings, corporate events and more

An unforgettable experience for your event – that’s what a 360 selfie camera offers. Also known as the Magic 360 Selfie Camera, 360 Selfie Booth or 360 Selfie Booth, this magical equipment promises to change the nature of your event and leave attendees with an unforgettable memory.

Looking for a way to replace the boring and ordinary selfies? With the 360 Selfie Camera, you can create unforgettable video selfies, both individually and with a group of friends. It’s not just a camera – it’s a new experience that promises to take your celebration to the next level.

360 selfie rentals are available not only in big cities like Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevėžys, Kėdainiai, Elektrėnai, Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Jonava or Utena, but also all over Lithuania. This provides a great opportunity to enrich a wide range of events, including weddings, birthdays, company meetings or promotional events.

360 selfie video is a new trend to engage your guests and give them the opportunity to contribute to the unique content of your event. Magic 360 camera is not only about creating video, but also about interactivity and inclusion.

Create magical moments with the Magic 360 photo booth. This unique camera grabs not only photos but also slow-motion 360-degree videos. It instantly becomes an extraordinary part of the event, and the ability to share this content on social networks only adds to its added value.

A 360 camera doesn’t just give you the opportunity to create videos – it’s about creating and sharing memories that will last forever. This is convenient for both the event organiser and the participant, as the videos can be viewed and shared directly from a tablet or phone.

The 360 Selfie Camera for events becomes not only the most exciting event of the time, but also a unique way to preserve and share the moments of joy that took place during the event. It’s a great alternative to traditional photography, which in today’s world feels boring.

Let Magic 360’s selfie camera rental service become an integral part of your event. It’s not just a sign of technological innovation, it’s a way to attract attention and make your event unique. Experience a unique video experience with a 360 selfie camera that will make your event stand out from the crowd!

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