Mercedes G400 for rent ( with Brabus trim )

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

1 valanda nuo

123 €

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Mercedes G400 SUVs with refreshed interiors and BRABUS Challenge finishes

Mercedes Benz G chauffeur-driven rental – luxury, style and power all in one car. This SUV features exclusive Brabus trim details that give it a special and unique character. The bold red accents in the cabin create a cosy and elegant feel, while the careful attention to detail in every detail creates a very special interior.

Key features: brabus trim, the car is distinguished by the brabus trim details that give it a distinctive and luxurious feel. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a special interior.

Full restoration and refinement: the SUV has been fully restored and refurbished, enhancing its original appearance and adding modern elements to give it a fresh look. Powerful sound system and exhaust sound: enjoy not only the driving experience, but also the high-quality sound system and exhaust sound. Make every journey a pleasure. Benefits newly restored leather interior: adds a touch of luxury. Every seat, every surface is designed to be a pleasure to drive.

Prices and conditions: the rental price depends on the city chosen, the date of booking and the estimated rental kilometres. We can also combine the set-up with a white Mercedes G-Class to create an exclusive SUV convoy for special events such as photo shoots or weddings. If you have any further requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to make your event special and memorable.

Renting a Gelik for a wedding gives you the opportunity to start your life’s journey with your loved one in a unique way. This elegant car can add the finishing touch to your wedding ceremony and create a special atmosphere. Here is a version of the text you can use on your website or in other contexts. We offer wedding car rental services – not just vehicles, but exclusive vehicles that will add a sense of elegance and exclusivity to your most important day.

How to book a gelik rental: contact us and share your wishes and plans.

Choice: choose the model of gelik you like. Chauffeur-driven rental: our services include a professional driver to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Give your wedding a special and exclusive touch with a gelik rental.

We are here to help you create an unforgettable experience on your most important day. Contact us and let us contribute to your wedding fairytale.

The price of the service depends on the following factors: the date of the service, the time of the reservation, the number of rental cars, the length and complexity of the route, additional services (floral decorations, champagne, etc.)

*The appearance of car wheels may vary seasonally

** and trim details and equipment may vary from the actual photos shown.