Short wedding greetings

Wishing you a beautiful wedding and many years of harmonious life together ! Wedding greetings

May each day spent together bring many
happiness and joy ! Congratulations on your wedding day !

Congratulations on this special day of the creation of your family !
Love, be loved and give
to each other eternal hope !

Warm and cozy memories, affectionate hugs, cool
We wish you a wonderful hug and a warm embrace with your closest friends on the occasion of your wedding celebration !

We wish you to love each other forever, to trust, to share
Joys and sorrows. May your wedding day remain in your memories for a long time to come
and long !

We wish you a great wedding mood, a harmonious family
and beautiful moments together !

Congratulations on the most beautiful holiday – wedding!
We wish you not to give up on the difficulties, to enjoy even the smallest moments together
the smallest details of life, because you can always remember that next to you – the eternal
the eternal passenger of your life !

Congratulations on your wedding

Here I am again with a problem that is taking up a lot of my precious time. My friends’ wedding is just a day away, but what to put on the card? “Oh, I should have bought a wedding card with a few congratulatory sentences in a nice font”, the thought flashed through my mind. But maybe that’s not the ideal solution – it’s a bit too dismissive and uncomfortable. I’ll type ‘wedding greetings’ into my web browser and scribble a nicer sounding poem. I browse and the further I go, the more uninteresting it gets – the greetings repeat themselves. I can’t think of any more original greetings for the newlyweds, so I type something from the internet…

The story goes on as expected. When it’s time to toast the newlyweds at the table, everyone reaches for their greeting cards. One guest reads one and it’s only from the second line that I realise that it’s my greeting too! Looking around, I saw a few more confused faces. Turns out these people had chosen exactly the same lines! And how many other greetings were identical, only the greeters themselves could answer. The moral of this short real-life story is that I will never again leave the writing of a wedding greeting to the last few minutes. Now it’s a huge ritual for me – I carefully choose a card, sit down at the table and use a handy fountain pen to scrawl out my original greeting in scratched, parallel lines.

Wedding greetings

Writing greetings is not about borrowing money for the wedding… So where do I suggest you start with your wedding greetings? First of all, ideally clear the table and put a white sheet of paper on it, and put a card on top of that sheet. If you already have a card for the newlyweds in front of you, draw straight lines on it. You can do this with a ruler and a thin pencil and then carefully erase the lines. I use scissors or a paper cutter to score the lines lightly. Choose a pen that is handy and tested, and a black ink cap.

Just what’s not available in stationery shops these days! Not only the usual ink colours, but also gold, silver or shiny red and blue! On the next page, try out the font, decide what you want to write in – in block letters, in your usual handwriting, just to embellish the first letters a little, or in the loops of the letters ‘j’, ‘g’, ‘l’, etc., in your own fancy.

Now to the congratulations for the newlyweds.

You can find examples of greetings for newlyweds on the internet. For example:

When it rains – You rush to her –
When the evening melts away starry…
And your heart is restless
You take her into the night, into the rain…

When the sun is shining – You rush to Him –
Let the evening fade away sunny…
And your heart is restless
Without Him, you will find no place on earth…

Greeting notes on the occasion of a wedding
Interesting and very meaningful words from the Bible. For example:

“If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am but tinkling brass and clanging cymbals. And if I had the gift of prophecy, and knew all mysteries and all science; if I had all faith, so that I could even move mountains, and had not love, I should be nothing. And if I gave all that I had to the poor, if I gave my body to be burned, and had not love, I would be nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous; love is not proud and does not puff itself up. It does not do wrong, it does not seek its own advantage, it does not give way to wickedness, it forgets what was wrong, it does not rejoice in injustice, it welcomes the truth with joy. She bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things.

Love never ends. Prophecies will fade, speeches will cease, knowledge will end. Our knowledge is partial and our prophecies are partial. When the time for perfection comes, the imperfect will end. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up what was childish. Now we see as in a mirror, in an enigmatic form, and then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part, and then I shall know fully, just as I am fully known. So now faith, hope and love – this trinity – remain, but the greatest in it is love.”

You can find the wish for the wedding in books.

If you like to read books and write out the quotes you like, this will be very easy. For example:

“Love is a diamond that not even kings can buy, it is the whole world, though you can hold it with both hands” (M. Jokai).

“If someone loves a flower, which is only one of a million in a million millions of stars, that is enough to make him feel happy when he looks at them. He says to himself: “But if a sheep eats the flower, it is as if all the stars have suddenly gone out!” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Wedding greetings

Here is the day when two more hearts were united. As I raise my glass to you, I wish you focus, growth and trust in each other. Be happy!
A wedding is the birthday of a new family, and on such an important day, I wish you strength and love for your newly created family. May it not be long before new members are added to the family, and may there be only peace and mutual understanding.
It is said that everyone has the right to make mistakes, but only a wise man admits his mistakes, only a strong man asks for forgiveness, and only a loving man is able to take the first step in reconciliation. I wish this wonderful couple wisdom and mutual understanding in their life together.
Everyone knows that the most beautiful fairy tales end with a wedding, but I wish that this wedding will be the beginning of a tale of endless love and loyalty between you two.
I invite you to raise a glass to a newly created family, to their happiness and love. I wish you to respect each other and that your home will be full of joy, health and beautiful children, and that fifty years from now, we can come together again to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary.
I invite everyone to raise a glass to this extraordinary couple. I wish that as the years go by, our couple will come to understand more and more that what matters in life is not who is stronger, prettier or richer, but whether you are happy. Therefore, I wish you infinite happiness!
I raise this glass to the new family,
I wish you goodness, love and respect!
May life be an inspiration,
Fate is more favourable than ever!

May you walk through the earth happy, may you have sunshine every day, and only apple blossoms to make you snow!
I wish you mutual agreement and fidelity on your marriage. Be happy!

Congratulations on the creation of a beautiful family hearth. We wish that your family fireplace will not burn, but will burn with an open and very, very hot flame!
I give you today myself, my heart and body, love, devotion and loyalty. All this belongs to you, to you first and last.
You have been together for a quarter of a century,
A quarter of a century so many years fast,
Only yesterday, it seems, the wedding was ringing
And behold, the silver jubilee has come.
We wish
We wish you good luck and a happy home,
Live in health,
To keep the spirit unbroken,
If today we celebrate the silver year,
We want to see a golden year!
Don’t spare us, because we won’t be back
What you have lived.
Married for 25 –
25 beautiful years.

Many springs and winters have passed,
Many dreams, many days of worries,
But your heart is still young,
Though my head is covered with frost.

So let’s raise a glass to the drinker,
Let’s wish each other happiness.

In a silver carriage a wedding has flown by,
Silver rain kissed our hands
And silver rings marked the wedding
Your love flooded the arc of our earth.

A wonderful anniversary that touches the family with joy
The love for the grandchildren has matured.
And may the years of youth not pass so quickly –
Let your love for all be rejoiced.

Let the silver rain fall outside the window,
Let it shower you with silver drops of happiness.
So dance the Jubilee Tango,
Embrace each other as in your youth.
Spring, autumn – you are always together,
Winter or summer – you’re always close.
And holidays and friends – you’re always together,
Disasters or tribulations, shoulder to shoulder you both.

For a smile – a smile, for warmth – a word,
For a mistake, a softness, and so round and round.
From year to year on the road of life,
Ride long with love and joy.
I wish you love,
But it lives in your hearts anyway.
I wish you happiness,
But you meet it every day in your home.

I wish you peace,
But it is often borrowed from you.
I would wish you patience,
But I have not met anyone more patient than you for a long time.

So I will wish you many days,
Beautiful, sunny and bright.
All: love, a baby’s laughter,
The baby’s first step and the festive bread,
So many wonderful days we’ve had,
You’ll shed a tear of happiness together.

Everything: anxiety, pain and suffering,
Sorrow, worry, trouble, misfortune,
As if you had both climbed a difficult mountain
You sit happy and happy together.

Many a bride has flown swanlike over the threshold of your home:
Daughter, granddaughter, granddaughter-in-law and daughter-in-law.
We, the grown-up children, have come to bow low to you
And to remind us of how you married, Mother, yourself.

Our age tells us that fifty years have passed
When, Father, You chose our Mother for us…
Did you ever dream that the Golden Jubilee would come
And this marriage will be blessed by children.

We pour a golden sunset for you on the path of marriage,
We kiss your hands with silk ribbons.
We kneel down to receive the blessing of God’s Spirit,
As we gather the flowers of Lithuanian meadows for you.
The golden autumn of love has come
To count the dowries of the past year.
The feeling of two hearts yearning for each other,
Matures like grain into happy children.

We will bind your hearts with golden ribbons,
We’ll decorate the four corners of the house,
We’ll find the liar, the former matchmaker,
And we’ll open the gates for the good mother-in-law.

A golden wedding! This happiness is visiting
Only those who have been together in life.
For the suffering of hardships, for the infinite hardships
Fate has given you the love of children.

With golden crowns we will adorn Judas –
The sky will crown the royal feast.
The bells of the churches will ring with joy!
The golden blue earth bends at your feet,
Lithuania with amber arms,
And the guests at the table sway with song,
The holy bread is baked by your extended family.

Your common path is woven with golden threads,
Harmony pours from the cornucopia…
And in the midst of your vows, make us happy with love,
For true happiness is Love everlasting!

Stay well, dear Dad,
I leave your home.
You wish me happiness
And many sunny days.

Thank you for everything
From the bottom of my heart.
What fate has brought today,
No one can change it.

Stay well, I’m leaving
From that lovely home of yours.
I’m off to a new life
Accompanied by my friends.

Park at the window,
Walk me down the path…
And when I get home,
We’ll be two!
May life bring you the most beautiful song,
As birds carry the sun on their wings,
And we’ve come to say hello today
And brought you happiness in gifts!
Sometimes the paths are rough,
And cloudy autumn skies.
And sometimes the words are like thorns,
that darken what was so precious.

But when you love each other deeply
And respect each other’s desires,
It’s happiness uninvited and unasked for,
Will come daily to your home.
Keep the hearth a common fire,
That strange winds may not scatter it.
Love one another with all your heart,
And save and defend each other!
We wish you to love each other firmly,
To walk boldly on the road of life,
To build a beautiful family nest, enveloped
With rays of love and peace.
Keep the hearth of the common fire,
So that no strange winds may scatter it.
Love one another with all your heart,
And save and defend one another!
When the birds drink the freshness of the azure sky,
Love one another.

When the whirlwinds begin to rage and the heavens are full of calamity,
Hold one another.

When the rust of time tries to crush your love,
See one another.

When joy burns or pain wounds your heart,
Hear each other.

There comes a time for nightingales to sing,
For blossoms and feelings to blossom.

This is the time to love and marry,
And for two to make their nest.

We wish you harmony, mindfulness
And always support each other.

Every day and in times of hardship
To live in unity and peace.

Let the cosy lights not go out
In the hearth and home of the family,

And let not the shadows of pure love darken
Now and evermore!
May the feelings in the bosom never fade away,
May you share the sorrows and the joys.
And even when love is regulated by machines,
We trust that your love will blossom without ceasing.
When you are old, you will dream of grandchildren,
Remember fondly the days gone by.
We’ll all flock to your weddings again:
First silver, then gold.
Life will be a long, bright song,
Like a deep cup, full of happiness.

Dear newlyweds,

May the sun always warm you,
And love never fades,
And may your wishes come true,
And the fairies alone bring you happiness.

We wish you only the best and the loveliest things on this earth. Be happy!
We wish you good luck,
What you both hope for
And love so fervently,
As now that you love.
And you will share half
The sorrow and the half-morning,
If it turns into half a day –
Then both of you will fall.
From now on, both of you will be blossoms
You shall be bound,
We’ll kiss each other
Ask for advice.

You are both young –
It was good to have fun,
And now it’s two ways
You’ll share the apple.
Love each other in silence,
Without reproaches and promises.
Love as the birds love,
In the intoxication of your native silks.
Be happy in the paths of life together,
Though they wind over mountains.
Do not look back, though the past be sweetly tempting.
And if one slips on the road, give the other a hand.
And onward again, only onward –
Know that in life there are many mistakes.
If you seek happiness, seek it together,
Don’t let the winds of life blow you down.
Just keep the love and the flame of your hearts,
Tomorrow is like a fairy tale.

Love each other from the heart,
And save and protect each other.
Only as you go out into the ways of life,
You shall not forget this land,
Where you have grown your wings,
That lifted you up among the clouds of love.
I wish that the fire of your loving hearts may never fade, and that the hearth of the family you have created may never be extinguished.
Your hands are joined for life together,
And your hearts to create one happiness,
Therefore, no matter how many days or years may pass,
Keep each other as your greatest treasure.

Bring the fragile ring of love
Till old age, till deep.
Smile on both of you in the springtime
Not only in joy, but also in woe.
Both of you live as human beings,
Loving each other dearly.
Let your children’s children learn from you…
And even if you make mistakes, stay together.
If the going gets tough, you’ll go on without giving up and keep your other half safe on the road. I wish you to stay together forever and in everyday life remember how much you love each other!
People go far away,
To the distant places, to the paths of others,
But the path of love… it’s everyone else’s
And only you can find it.
Let one heartbeat
Another heart will always hear.
If fate has already brought them together,
Let no one separate.
Children will grow up and leave their nests like birds,
Time will decorate your hair with silver.
But be young at heart always
Like the green in the spring woods.
You have agreed to bear a great burden together,
To be each other’s love and friend.
And to bear all things, and to understand,
To comfort each other in times of trouble.

Be happy, dear ones!

Two stars shine twice as bright.
Two rivers are twice as deep,
And two paths converge into one wide road.

Be happy together!
Walk across the earth happy,
Kneeling before the storm and before the wind.
Let the apple blossoms on the road snow for you
And the sun’s rays alone shine.

When the birds drink the freshness of the blue sky,
Love one another.

When the whirlwinds begin to rage and the skies are full of troubles,
Hold one another.
Learn to be born every day, every second
And keep others in you.
Let not a day pass by,
Let them be longer than a year…
Water the trees when they cry out in the heat…
And recognise the sea in a drop!
Know how to make merry and rejoice aloud,
Be sad and cry in secret.
How many springs are green ahead,
Know how to wait for them to come,
Love life and know how
Share it with others when you need it.

Teach me with your hand at the gate,
Wish me a happy life.
Don’t cry, don’t be sad, Mummy,
We’ll be happy, believe me!
And I’ll visit you many more times
When the night will fall on a bare field.
When the evening shades the shade,
When morning dawns a new dream.
Bless me, Mother,
And send me on my way.
And wait by the window with your head down,
Only, look, don’t be sad.
And happiness blossomed in our days,
And joy came from the grain that grew.
And I knew not what sorrow was in one
For you were always cheerful, Mother.

It’s better to be together – and the sun shines more pleasantly, and the flowers bloom I’ve read a lot, so let’s stay together in pain and joy!
Be the sun to each other – it shines on the path.
Be to each other a dew – it wipes the dust from your forehead.
Be water to one another – it refreshes the thirsty.
Be a friend to each other, a true friend who makes up for everything in life.
If you go, go only as two,
Hold each other tighter –
So you won’t get lost on the road
And you’ll go on.
Clouds outside the window
Let there be no black clouds,
Only the stork visits more often!

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