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Do you have an important person arriving and want to ensure that their journey from the airport is safe, comfortable and luxurious? Our rental offers you the possibility to meet important VIP guests and delegations at Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or Riga airports. Airport pickup is important for those who want to save their time, don’t want any extra worries and want to travel in comfort. We can also meet passengers in the VIP terminal at Vilnius Airport as well as meet passengers directly from the plane at Kaunas Airport. We ensure professional service and complete comfort of our guests and deliver them to the place of their choice.

To ensure a smooth greeting for your important person, our staff can meet your passenger in the airport lounge with a name board. We will not only meet and take the important person to the right location, but also help with luggage and provide refreshments during the journey.

Qualified staff will meet and transport your important person to the right location in a luxurious, comfortable and safe Mercedez-Benz S-Class, E-Class or VIP Bentley Bentayga Limousine car. Airport pick-ups and larger groups and delegations are also catered for in our luxury Mercedez-Benz V-Class minivans, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger vans, and especially large groups in our coaches. Our team guarantees that the airport pick-up and drop-off will exceed the client’s expectations, and that a new and luxurious car will allow the important person to enjoy the journey.

New and elegant luxury cars will ensure a first class journey for even the most demanding! So renting will help you make a great first impression.

We can also serve your guests throughout their visit, help you plan your itinerary and appreciate punctuality, because every spare minute counts.

Rentals is not only for individual clients. We cater for companies and institutions, sports and comprehensive schools, art groups, concert and event organisations. Car rental with chauffeur is the perfect way to get to important events, conferences and seminars.

Let the Rent a Car team take care of all the travel arrangements for your guests, while you focus on socialising.

Meeting foreign guests at the airport

Airport pick-up and car rental at Lithuanian and Baltic airports is an important step that adds luxury and convenience to your trip. Our team understands the importance of a reliable and dedicated passenger service from the very first steps of arriving in a new country.

We offer the highest level of service, starting with the airport greeting. Our experienced and helpful drivers will make sure your journey starts smoothly, without any transport worries. They will handle all the necessary baggage handling and ensure your comfort from the start.

In addition, we offer a first-class car rental service at the airports. This will give you the opportunity to choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and tastes. This is a great alternative to the traditional use of hotels or public transport, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

Our aim is to meet the needs of every customer by providing a first-class service. With us, you will travel not only safely and comfortably, but also with pleasure, experiencing the highest quality of service from airport pick-up to car rental. Your journey with us will be a special and enjoyable adventure.

Meeting passengers at the bus or train station

Rent a Car provides you with a passenger pick-up service not only at the airport, but also at the bus or train station. The driver will meet you or someone important to you at the railway/bus station at the customs exit or at the bus station immediately after the bus arrives. You don’t have to worry about getting to your destination, all you have to do is get into your luxury “Hire for You” car and enjoy a comfortable journey.

It’s easy to recognise your driver! The driver will greet passengers with a nameplate or placard with the passenger’s name, company logo or any other inscription you wish.

Meeting passengers at the hotel or other location

Need a transfer from your hotel? Don’t worry, you don’t have to find a taxi or bus. Your personal driver will be waiting for you at the hotel reception, help you with your luggage and escort you to your car. Pick up from your hotel at your convenience!

Having a good time and forgot all about your transfer? Have your own worries and can’t make it in time? It happens! Your driver will contact the reception staff or the passengers directly to let you know that he has arrived and is waiting for you!

Pick up passengers at your desired address

Need a transfer service from your home, office, shopping centre or other location? Book a luxury car with a private driver. Our driver will arrive to pick you up at the appointed time and will be waiting for you at the nearest parking garage. Our team will also make it as easy as possible for passengers and driver to find each other.

We’ll send you the driver’s contact number and information about the car you’ve booked (model, colour, registration number). You will be able to contact the driver at your convenience. If necessary, you can also contact our manager to change the departure address or to request a driver to come to the most convenient location for you.

Standard car rental

Meeting important people at Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga airports. You can also take advantage of our VIP pick-up service at Riga Airport. Upon request, we can also meet you at airports in other countries (Warsaw, Minsk). We will meet your passengers with a standard class comfortable car. We work all over Lithuania and abroad.

Business class car rental

We offer our clients a new Mercedes-Benz E W212, E W213 , E W214 business class car rental for pick-up. These cars are characterised by spacious and comfortable interiors, good sound insulation and the highest quality audio equipment. Elegance, the pursuit of perfection and confidence, the highest quality finishes and attention to detail in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class are an integral part of your style and confidence at these important moments.

Premium car rental

For particularly demanding clients, we can offer you the opportunity to meet and transport your important person in our premium Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousines and luxury Bentley Bentayga SUVs. Comfort, exclusivity, luxury, modernity and power. That’s how you can describe the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Long Limousine, which has never been a standard vehicle in its history. A comfortable journey – guaranteed. Vip transport luxury cars in Lithuania only with us Bentley Bentayga is recognised as the world’s most expensive luxury and powerful SUV.

Passenger transport

For larger groups of people or delegations, we recommend that our clients are met by a Mercedes-Benz V-Class minivan. These minivans, like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, offer comfort, safety and good sound insulation. Mercedes V-Class rental is the perfect solution for company executives and managers. We also rent Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger vans, which can carry from 13 to 19 passengers. For groups of more than 20 people, we rent coaches with a capacity of 49 people.

One of the most requested luxury car rental services is airport pick-up with a private driver. This service is an invaluable option for those who are frequent visitors to Lithuania or who have guests who need to be picked up at Baltic airports. This service is particularly important if you are flying late in the evening, at night or early in the morning, and you want a luxury car to be ready for you as soon as you step off the plane.

Renting a car at the airport is not only convenient but also quick, as you won’t have to wait long after your flight and your chosen car will be waiting for you as soon as you leave the airport terminal. We offer this special service at Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports, giving you the opportunity to start your journey with a luxury car as soon as you step off the plane.

We are flexible and responsive to your needs, so we can deliver your car not only to Lithuanian airports, but also to airports abroad, such as Riga, Liepaja, Tallinn or Warsaw. We understand that every journey is unique, so we aim to ensure that your luxury private chauffeur driven car is delivered to you wherever it is convenient for you, providing comfort and enjoyment at every stage of your journey. In addition, we also give special attention to important foreigners arriving at airports.

Passenger Pick-ups in Lithuania – individual passengers

Our company is committed to providing the highest quality passenger transfer services in Lithuania and abroad. Experience and service you can trust.

Airport passenger transfers

We give special attention to the start of your journey. Our tailor-made airport transfers ensure you get off the plane in comfort and style. We work at Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports to give you an exceptional travel experience.

Welcoming foreign guests at the airport

Important guests? We’ll make sure their arrival is warm and welcoming. Welcoming foreign guests at the airport is one of our specialised services to make them feel welcome and comfortable from the start.

Individual passenger greetings at Vilnius and Kaunas Airports

Our company also provides individual passenger greetings at Vilnius and Kaunas airports. Our chauffeurs will make sure your arrival is stylish and hassle-free.

Are you expecting an important guest and want to welcome them properly? We can help!

We offer:

Greeting important people in the airport lounge with a name board;
Greeting passengers in Vilnius Airport VIP Terminal
Arrange a meet and greet for passengers arriving on a private jet directly from the plane (a new service we can also provide at Kaunas Airport).
Assistance with luggage;
Professional service;
High-class cars;
Safe travel to/from the airport;
All travel arrangements; Hotel accommodation.
Personal chauffeur and car;
Transportation of private persons or groups in Lithuania, Europe and CIS countries;
Concierge services

Chauffeur service
Luxury chauffeurs
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