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Minibus rental in Kaunas is a great service that allows you to visit the city comfortably and efficiently, organise memorable sightseeing tours or transport groups to various places of interest. Here are some of the places that can benefit from minibus rental in Kaunas:

A minibus can conveniently take your group to Kaunas Old Town, where you can explore ancient buildings, Kaunas Castle, Town Hall and other places of historical value. Laisvės alėja: This is Kaunas’ most popular shopping and entertainment street, where you can find a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions.

A minibus can bring your group directly to this heart of the city in comfort. Vytautas Magnus Bridge: If you want to enjoy the views of Kaunas, especially the Vytautas Magnus Bridge, a minibus can be the perfect vehicle for your group to see the Kaunas skyline. Kaunas Zoo: If you are travelling with your family or friends, a minibus is a great choice to go to Kaunas Zoo, where you can see a variety of animals and enjoy some time in nature.

Žaliakalnis: This is a district in Kaunas with not only historical sites but also many parks that are perfect for relaxing or picnicking. A minibus can comfortably pick up your group and take them to this area of the city. Church of St. Peter and Paul: This is one of the most famous churches in Kaunas, which can interest tourists with its architecture and history. Renting a minibus in Kaunas gives you the opportunity to visit the city in comfort, without having to worry about the organisation of transport. It is an effective way to involve the group in various activities and experience the beauty of the city together.

Minibus rental in Kaunas with driver is a service we provide to our clients to ensure a comfortable and safe journey. Our drivers are multilingual and will be able to communicate in Lithuanian, English, Polish and Russian.

We provide optimal minibus rental solutions with the highest quality standards and favourable conditions, both in Lithuania and for trips abroad. Our services include transport of employees to and from work, organisation of seminars and events. We also offer minibus rental with driver for transporting children to school and for excursions.

We are ready to organise trips to Poland, giving you the opportunity to shop in comfort and experience new experiences. Trust our experienced drivers and enjoy a safe, efficient and comfortable journey with our minibuses in Kaunas. Minibus rental with driver. Our minibuses are designed for chauffeured use only, to ensure the comfort and safety of your journey. Our experienced and professional drivers are ready to meet you anywhere and take you wherever you need to go.

This service is not only convenient for business, but also the perfect solution for international tours, weddings, important celebrations or other events. Our drivers speak not only Lithuanian, but also English, Russian, Polish and German, so we can ensure a high quality of service wherever you come from.