Champagne table for weddings

Weddings are one of the most solemn celebrations in life. It takes months of preparation and planning, down to the smallest detail, starts well in advance. There is so much to cover – the time, the place, the guest list, the music, the decorations, the theme… The list goes on and on.

And yet, some details can be extremely disturbing. They are small – but significant. It’s no secret that dressed-up guests, bearing gifts and flowers, expect nothing less than a spectacular event. They want to be greeted, escorted, seated at the table, entertained and so on. All this responsibility, of course, falls on your shoulders as hosts.

One of these is greeting the guests after the ceremony at the church or the marriage palace. Often, wedding guests are offered refreshments and are met by the master of ceremonies, the photographer and other people who create the mood of the celebration. This is where we can offer you a solution to one of these delicate concerns. Our champagne table for weddings is a small but crucial detail for a flawless ceremony in a church or town hall.

A champagne table at a wedding is an integral part of the celebration. Small, but very important to keep the mood festive. It is worth noting that it is not only the guests who will be celebrating the whole day who come to congratulate the newlyweds, but also perhaps less close friends or neighbours. They attend the marriage ceremony and then, one by one, congratulate the newlyweds. This is when the first miniature party takes place, next to the church or town hall. It is usually a time for champagne or other drinks, small bites of prepared treats and socialising.

The champagne table at the wedding becomes the centre around which all the action begins. One by one, the guests gather around it, greet the bride and groom and feast. And our champagne table is a guarantee that after the ceremony, the wedding will go on without a hitch. Once outside, our champagne table will be waiting for your guests. We will take care of its arrival and setting up, as well as its removal and tidying up. You don’t have to worry about a thing, we’ll do it for you.

The champagne table will be decorated in a classic theme, with a white ceremonial tablecloth and decorations, and glasses and feasting glasses arranged neatly. We can also customise the table décor according to your wishes, depending on the style of the party or the time of year. We’ll take care of the drinks too – the champagne we offer, or the champagne of your choice, will be chilled and ready for pouring into glasses when you and your guests arrive. What’s more, especially if there are children present, we’ll also distribute non-alcoholic soft drinks, mineral water or juice alongside the champagne.

You are always welcome to consult us on how and what kind of refreshments to prepare. Depending on the size of the table and the crockery we have available, we can create a wide variety of compositions, taking into account both the appearance and the nature of the treats. Perhaps your guests have food intolerances? Or maybe even the food has to be colour- or compositionally compatible with your decorations, which have been thought out down to the smallest detail? If so, we are ready to listen to your wishes and make them come true.

As the party progresses, the host or another person among the participants usually takes the helm and is responsible for the running of the party. As the guests begin to look around and the bride and groom gather all the congratulatory bouquets and gifts, the celebration usually moves to another location. You don’t have to worry about the champagne table being left alone, unattended. Feel free to invite your guests to move on while we take care of the table. Let it be your most beautiful day, uninterrupted by any worries – even the champagne table at the wedding.

Rent a Champagne Table offers you an exclusive service in Vilnius, Kaunas and all over Lithuania, as well as dessert and decorative tables with professional waiter service, suitable for various occasions, such as civil ceremonies, church ceremonies, christenings, or any of your celebrations! Our clients can choose from 10 different table arrangements which include drinks, snacks, desserts and decor.

We provide champagne table service in Vilnius and Kaunas, but we are willing to work all over Lithuania for an additional fee ( the fee is calculated according to the distance from the city limits of Vilnius or Kaunas ). Our goal is to provide not only delicious food and drinks, but also to create a special atmosphere where your guests can enjoy the moment of celebration. Our professional waiters will make sure that everything is perfectly arranged and that you can enjoy the moments of celebration with your family and friends. Contact us for more information about our services, options and pricing. We look forward to making your celebration extra special!

After your wedding ceremony, christening or other wonderful celebration, invite your guests to enjoy a warm welcome together at the champagne table. Our team will be delighted to arrive at the venue of your choice and set everything up flawlessly. A professional waiter will not only solve common problems, but will also make sure that every relative or guest is supplied with champagne. He or she will take care of the pouring of the champagne glasses and offer a feast to the arriving guests. So you can spend all your time having pleasant conversations with your family, friends and other guests with peace of mind. Our champagne table in Kaunas guarantees an unforgettable experience at your special celebration.

Our champagne table service is available all over Lithuania – a cosy and exclusive choice to make your important moment even more special
We take care of all the details to make your date flawless. The service starts with you calling our team and stating your preferences. We’ll set up a champagne table based on your wishes.

A champagne table at your celebration is a fun and luxurious surprise that will help you raise a glass on your special occasion. We’ll make sure that this moment is not only a great time, but also a stylish one.

Our champagne table service stands out for the following features:

Selected drinks: high quality beverages selected by a professional sommelier, such as wine, champagne, sparkling wine and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. ( The client can also specify simpler drinks on request).

Elegant glasses: we use high quality luxury glasses that best reflect the uniqueness of the drink.

Professional service: our team is attentive and ready to ensure that the drinks are served correctly and kept at the right temperature.

Mobile service: we can come to any location of your choice. We only provide our services in private areas to ensure your privacy.

The price of the service includes: setting up the table, choice of drinks and service: everything you need for a beautifully prepared and serviced table.

Glasses for hire: high quality glasses that will add elegance to your celebration.

Beverage package: a selection of drinks to suit your taste and your guests’ expectations.

Arrival fee: we will arrive at the location of your choice.

Special stand furniture and decor: if you wish, we will provide special furniture and decor to create the right atmosphere. Please contact us with the venue, date and number of guests and we will provide you with an accurate quotation. Entrust us with this important detail and let us add a touch of glamour to your special event.


Šampano staliukas


Šampano staliukas


Šampano staliukas

Offer you a discount of % when you book a table with us
Table price: depends on the number of people, the presentation and the city chosen. From 90Eur to 300+Eur. To find out the price, please contact us with the table number, date, number of people, venue, additional services required.

What is included as standard with the table?

– Service

– Pitcher with tap and water

– Utensils for snacks and/or desserts, mirrored trays

– Glasses

– Champagne buckets

– Live dried flower decorations

* Exclusive offer: for an additional fee of €60 you can order a second table!

The table arrangement can be ordered in its entirety as you see in the picture or each service can be combined individually.

Additional services to the table:
Party planning and coordination (price negotiable).
Festive frame with your name and the date of the celebration: 1 piece – 5 eur
Drinks (fruit drinks, water, juice, sparkling wine)
One-bite snacks (to be agreed individually): 50 pieces – 50 euros, 70 pieces – 60 euros, 90 pieces – 70 euros
Desserts (macarons, canapés): Canapés 1 piece – EUR 0.80 (minimum quantity 25 pieces) Macarons 1 piece – EUR 1.30
Fruit tray – over 2 kg. of fruit – EUR 40
Stuffed croissants – €3 1 pc.
Dry ice (to be placed in glasses) – €15
Background music (speaker or live)

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