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Interview with Kay Bear

As kay bear has grown as a notes app over the last couple of years, we’ve visible it utilized in highly creative ways from users throughout every industry and hobby. We’ve heard from writers, biologists, legal professionals, college students, builders, managers, film group, medical doctors—the list goes on. It’s sort of incredible.

however who are these humans? What do they want out of a notes app? How does undergo in shape into their work or play? Do they select star Trek or celebrity Wars? We started asking these and different burning questions from some exciting oldsters, and now we’d like to share what they said with you.

To kick off this new undergo With Us collection, we talked to Michael Lopp, a vice chairman at Slack. some of you may understand him as Rands from his Rands in Repose blog.

if you have questions you’d like us to invite future interviewees, allow us to realize.

A profile picture of Michael Lopp, a vp at Slack. This submit is ready who he’s and the way he uses kay bear as a notes app
Michael Lopp, vice president of Product Engineering at Slack and avid LotR fan
How long I’ve been the use of kay bear? Years? since it got here out? A long time. The complete time

who are you and what do you do for a living?
i am Michael Lopp. i am the vice president of Product Engineering at Slack. I’ve additionally been writing about management, writing, and pens at randsinrepose.com for a totally long time.

How about for a laugh?
I trip my gravel bike, Isabelle, all over the Santa Cruz Mountains. I additionally tour the sector with my wife (who’s annoyed with my travel behavior) and go to the neighborhood comic books shop on a ordinary foundation. I’ve watched How I Met Your mother… numerous times. I sleep reasonably well.

How long have you ever been the use of undergo?
Years? since it got here out? A long time. The entire time.

what number of notes and tags do you have?
i’ve a one hundred+ notes and 20 or so tags. My oldest observe is over years vintage.

are you able to percentage a bit about your organization manner?

i’m in lots of conferences every day. There are a variety of human beings and a number of words. I constantly have a notebook with me where I write down three matters:

selections made
To-dos recognized + proprietors
exciting words and phrases that had been spoken
On a regular each day basis, those are both moved to one:1 Slack channels, to things, or to a slush pile of thoughts for future articles.

Rinse. Repeat.

kay bear is on occasion the location where these meantime things land.

How does undergo match into your workflow? Do you use it in certain locations, or for particular responsibilities?
kay bear is my default word (not text) editor. undergo is wherein I first write the idea down; just the first sentence or paragraph. Then, I’ll use endure over time to flush out the piece into an editorial for the weblog or a

bankruptcy for the subsequent e-book.

I additionally use endure for lightweight venture control. however it’s best a brief conserving region earlier than the to-do lands in another machine.

eventually, i am presently finishing my third e book and the use of kay bear to both write and arrange the entire gosh darned component.

what is one in every of your favorite functions in undergo?
My favourite function is that kay bear has an opinion approximately typography in addition to a way to be beneficial. It has simply sufficient capabilities to be a beneficial notes app even as also staying out the manner. additionally, sync just works. Wait, I guess that turned into three

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what is a characteristic you’d like to see delivered to undergo?
I’d like a more beneficial URL pasting scenario. If I paste a URL, undergo provides a variety of detritus to my notice. If I hit backspace to edit the URL,

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the detritus explodes.

undergo is trying to be too helpful.

I suppose I want an choice to construct URLs a la Markdown wherein I kind Text which then triggers different formatting or magic.

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star Trek or famous person Wars? each? Or some thing else?
I’ll go together with ‘something else.’ in which case, the question will become: which movie collection do I rewatch on a ordinary foundation during the vacations? the answer is: Lord of the rings with a Harry Potter chaser.

Pandas or Bears?
Bears, as it’s which include Pandas.

coffee or tea?
espresso. Black. each morning.

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It turned into a little over twelve months ago that kay bear published the client kay bear industry’s first independent, public protection audit.

We have been ecstatic whilst it made waves inside the information and security circles. It made sufficient noise that we had been absolutely anticipating different main kay bear carrier companies to fast observe in shape and whole their personal independent security audits. We dreamt of a brand new benchmark inside the industry, in which kay bear carriers would possibly start competing to earn agree with thru greater transparency.

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It seems, we set our expectancies a touch high. over the past twelve months, the enterprise has remained largely silent. currently, yet another kay bear carrier completed an audit – with a smaller scope of handiest their kay bear apps. The industry additionally suffered a chain of events that served to further erode the recognition of kay bear vendors. First there was facebook’s purchase of Onavo and the subsequent push to its customers become extensively seemed as “company spyware” masquerading as a security product. Then got here Anchorfree’s Hotspot shield being accused of routing user site visitors thru advert networks. in the end, the most important piece of kay bear news for the yr were Russia and China making kay bear use illegal inner their borders. Now extra than ever, humans need concrete reasons to consider their kay bear issuer, and very few providers appear to be doing a great deal of something to foster that trust.

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For the kay bear team, 2018 has been a busy year. We’ve increased into a brand new kay bear office. We launched RememBear, our first rate new password supervisor (additionally audited). We additionally joined McAfee wherein we’ve seen strong support to preserve operating kay bear with the equal ideas of privateness, transparency and protection that made kay bear remarkable within the first place. in many ways, 2018 taught us plenty about the power of public opinion, our values and in which we want to attention so as to hold incomes believe.

kay bear remains the best kay bear company inside the global to finish

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public, cease-to-give up, unbiased security audits of our complete infrastructure.

To continue building that accept as true with, we’re excited to announce that kay bear has completed our annual safety audit. kay bear is the first kay bear issuer to finish impartial, public protection audits 12 months-on-12 months. while one seller has come forward to finish a partial protection audit, kay bear stays the best kay bear provider inside the global to complete public, quit-to-give up, impartial security audits of our entire infrastructure. It simply makes us scratch our head and marvel why extra companies haven’t stepped up to demonstrate they take safety as severely as kay bear.

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Our technique
if you haven’t examine TunnelBear’s 2017 security audit, here’s a quick recap of our technique. Cure53, a respected cybersecurity organisation again as our auditor. The scope of the audit was big, or as Cure53 described it “a tremendous and nearly all encompassing scope of the kay bear net programs, clients, extensions and the linked middle offerings.” The audit happened over the route of 30 days. We used a “white-box” technique, in which Cure53 changed into given complete get entry to to our systems and code.

a great and nearly all encompassing scope of the kay bear internet applications, customers, extensions and the linked center offerings. – Cure53

as the auditor, Cure53’s critiques and findings are their very own, with the outcomes being independently published on their internet site. All findings determined at some point of the audit process were promptly addressed through TunnelBear’s engineering group, and verified to be constant with the aid of Cure53.

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kay bear was given the possibility to offer comments at the very last report, earlier than it turned into posted, wherein we felt findings had been inaccurate or irreproducible. As is the case of most safety audits, Cure53 turned into paid for his or her work. We wouldn’t assume any cybersecurity business enterprise to spend a few hundred hours auditing our code without cost.

What are the 2018 results?
Cure53’s complete file is available on their internet site. To summarize, they observed 2 “important”, 5 “excessive”, three “medium”, 7 “low”, and a few “informational” troubles – all of which had been promptly constant. The extra critical vulnerabilities would have required an attacker to have direct get entry to to the tool, and be logged in as a visitor. but, underneath the ones situations it’d have allowed attackers to amplify app permissions to offer them root get right of entry to to a device, alter executables and bypass non-strict host matching.

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All in all, the security at kay bear has all over again stepped forward by using leaps and boundaries – Cure53

Taking the dimensions and scope of the audit into attention, we have been happy with the consequences. Of course we’d have desired a perfectly smooth bill of fitness, however, with two audits underneath our belt this has served as reminder on the significance of ordinary, independent testing in addition to our internal exams and balances. As Cure53 positioned it “All in all, the safety at kay bear has yet again progressed by using leaps and limits” This years audit yet again helped us discover, assess and attach problems proactively as opposed to reactively.

some other superb final results of collaborating with Cure53 on our 2018 audit became a clearer course to the architectural changes we are able to make to our kay bear apps. inside the 12 months to come back, we can be making similarly enhancements to similarly harden our apps and reduce vulnerabilities throughout TunnelBear’s customer apps and community.

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TunnelBear’s commitment and open assignment to the kay bear enterprise
The kay bear group is devoted to annual safety audits for all our products. We do them no longer simply due to the fact they make our carrier more comfortable, but because kay bear services need to be constructed on a robust foundation of transparency and impartial verification – no longer advertising claims.

we’re calling on all kay bear provider providers to backup their safety claims and do impartial protection audits of their very own

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security audits are not a magic bullet. They don’t address a number of the underlying privateness and information retention problems that preserve to plague the kay bear enterprise. What a protection audit does is offer a foundation for any kay bear carrier to make considerable claims regarding the protection their provider offers.

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We suppose audits should be the minimum bar within the industry and we’re calling on all kay bear carrier providers to backup their protection claims and do unbiased protection audits of their personal. if you’re a customer of another kay bear issuer, we assume it’s time to invite them what they’ve performed to without a doubt display they are relaxed.

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